Shipra Neo: Lady guard axed from service for giving death threat to resident
Shipra Neo: Lady guard axed from service for giving death threat to resident
Ashish Srivastava
Shipra Neo: Lady guard axed from service for giving death threat to resident
Photo: CitySpidey
Shipra Neo: Lady guard axed from service for giving death threat to resident

A lady security guard, employed at Shipra Neo, Indirapuram, has been terminated from her services after she allegedly gave a death threat to a female resident of the society on Tuesday. The lady guard had also allegedly threatened to lodge a false FIR against the resident. 

The lady guard had called the resident, Preeti Shukla, on Tuesday and threatened to stab and kill her.

The threat was followed by a complaint Shukla made to the maintenance office, a day earlier, afterwhich, the lady guard was reprimanded by the security agency. Shukla claimed to have pointed towards security lapses in her complaint citing two incidents which happened back to back.

“On Sunday morning, my neighbour and I surprisingly discovered a bag full of some grocery and other items (it was from the company called Bigbasket). None of us had ordered them. When the security guards including the lady guard, whose duty it was, were enquired about the incidents, they denied having seen anybody,” she said.

There wasn’t any entry also in any of their registers. We summoned the maintenance officer and raised the issue that how without any entries and calls on intercom, somebody was allowed to visit our flats,” Shukla claimed. 

Shukla said that the maintenance officer acknowledged the matter and gave the lady guard instructions of not repeating it in the future. However, a similar incident was repeated just next day.

“The next morning on Monday, one of the Amazon delivery boys came to my house without any prior intimation on intercom. I went back to the security room and checked the registers lying there and to my dismay, there wasn’t any entry again,” she said.

“I again raised the matter to the maintenance officer. He contacted the feild officer of the security agency over call. The officer assured us of appropriate actions against the guards on duty,” Shukla claimed.

“On Tuesday, the lady guard contacted me through intercom from the society gate. She, while wild and violent with words, threatened to kill me. She along with one other guard, who turned out to be a supervisor, threatened to lodge a false FIR against me as a vengeance for the reprimand she and the supervisor received,” Shukla alleged.

Following the call, Shukla wrote a letter to Shipra Estate Limited, the developer of the society who also looks after its maintenance. On Wednesday, the security agency Godavari Security Services Pvt Ltd, terminated the services of the supervisor and the lady guard. 

The agency also submitted a declaration letter to Indirapuram Police Station. 

“In the letter, we declared that the contract of the lady guard and the supervisor were terminated after multiple complaints of security lapses during the time of their duty and threatening a resident of the society. Their remuneration have been fully disbursed and we are not liable for their actions in future,” told the field officer on the condition of anonymity.

CitySpidey could not reach the lady guard and the supervisor for comments. Shukla is yet to file a police complaint against the lady guard.