Dwarka missing proper bus queue shelters
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Dwarka missing proper bus queue shelters

Across Dwarka, bus stands itself are missing, leave aside the facilities missing at bus stands.

Dwarka missing proper bus queue shelters

One of the most planned satellite cities of Delhi, Dwarka has been lacking infrastructure for public transport.  Dwarka is missing several initiatives taken by the authority to improve the condition. The bad condition of bus queue shelters has led the city to miss one such initiative launched last year in Delhi. 

In 2018 Delhi Government Transport Department had announced formally that like Metro Stations, each bus shelter would have a complete map of the bus route on a particular road. Also a facility of Integrated Transit Map was launched at a bus shelter in Delhi as a pilot project, which would help the commuters with maps comprising a visual cognitive detail for all bus routes passing through the particular bus stop including Delhi metro network and key landmarks on the map of Delhi. But unfortunately there is no such sign for one of the most planned satellite cities of Delhi, Dwarka. 

Across Dwarka, bus stands itself are missing, leave aside the facilities missing at bus stands. Bus queue shelters across Dwarka are not properly managed and maintained so the new initiative would only be able to give benefit to the people there. 

Most of the bus queue shelters are damaged, missing or temporary. In various bus routes the bus queue shelters have not been there since the inception of Dwarka. Like in the route from Uttam Nagar to Gurgaon through Sector 22, 23 the bus stops are missing in the stretch of Sector 9 and Sector 23. Similarly bus stops are missing in Sector 13 and 14.

People said that Dwarka has been lacking the infrastructure to avail the DTC bus services for a long time. Commuters find it difficult to find a place to wait for the bus. Most of the time they seem confused and are asking the location of the bus stops. Many times on the requests and follow-ups of the social organisations and RWAs, the authorities took the subject into concern but did nothing happened in that direction. So any initiative taken by the Delhi government recently will be of no use.

Sunita Gupta a resident of Sector 19 said, “ The announcement made by the Delhi Government was well appreciated, but looking at the condition of the infrastructure in Dwarka, it would take time for such facilities at bus stops. Why don’t they think seriously on improving infrastructure of public transport and then initiate such facilities.”

On the subject of missing bus queue shelters a joint survey of the authority and the resident bodies of Dwarka was also organised in 2013 but nothing happened. Not only this but also some new bus queue shelter were left under-constructed in Dwarka.

According to sources about 1,200 new Bus Queue Shelters were proposed to be constructed by Delhi government in 2015-16. An RTI activist and general secretary of Studio apartments Sector 16 B, Ramesh Kumar Mumukshu said, “Putting maps, routes and details about where to go and how to go is very useful for the commuters. If it was announced it should have been initiated for area like Dwarka too. They should focus on improving the condition of bus queue shelters and then provide such facilities.”

Deputy Commissioner, Transport Department, DTC, Subodh Kumar said that the initiative was taken and implemented to some bus stands and had to be implemented further. He said that it was started as pilot project and the concept is yet to be implemented in entire Delhi. According to him the initiative is under trial.