Overflowing drain, sewer water become an eyesore for Gurugram residents
Overflowing drain, sewer water become an eyesore for Gurugram residents
Akansha Gupta
Overflowing drain, sewer water become an eyesore for Gurugram residents
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Overflowing drain, sewer water become an eyesore for Gurugram residents

The residents of Park View Spa Next in Gurugram's sector 67 are facing a harrowing time due to the overflowing of drain and sewer water in front of their society for past one month.
The residents are infuriated with the neglecting attitude of the authorities towards the issue which has been causing inconvenience to the commuters and the residents.
They said the storm water drain is completely chocked which has led to water accumulation in the vicinity. The entire area has been emanating foul smell and has become a breeding ground for the mosquitoes, posing a serious threat to the health of those living nearby.
Ullas Sharma, a resident of the society said, "We are running from pillar-to-post in order to resolve the matter but in vain. This is a matter of urgency and authorities should act responsibly as it affects our health. The water accumulation is also causing traffic chaos in the vicinity. The area is reeking and the residents are forced to close their windows and balconies."
Taking to our reporter, the residents informed that the entire stretch outside the main gate is filled with drain and sewer water and the situation has become worse in the monsoon season. It is even more difficult for pedestrian and motorist to commute on road because of the overflowed drain water.                      
The residents alleged that the civic authorities are passing the buck to each despite numerous complaints being filed. And, now the residents have filed a complaint on the Chief Minister window seeking an urgent resolution of the matter.
Kush Kochgaway, President of Park View Spa Next Condominium Association said, "We have met Chief Engineers of Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA), Haryana Shahari Vikas Pradhikaran (HSVP), Municipal Corporation Gurugram (MCG) Commissioner and other officials and have even approached  state cabinet minister of department of Public Works Rao Narbir Singh several times but nothing much has been done in this direction for permanent relief."
"HSVP Chief Engineer inspected the site last week and deputed a contractor to pump out the water accumulated in the area however; there is opposition from locals of Ramgarh village. Pumping out water is a temporary solution, but actually the storm water drain needs to be cleaned. Currently, the issue is stuck between HSVP and GMDA due to budget requirements," he added.
Meanwhile, Lalit Arora, Chief Engineer, GMDA said, "The matter is known to us and we are already in process to takeover the drainage system which will be done after conducting a survey by end of this month. Also the MCG has already been instructed to clean the area."   

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