GreNo: 14 Ave Gaur City-2 residents protest against maintenance charge increase
GreNo: 14 Ave Gaur City-2 residents protest against maintenance charge increase
Mirah Zamin
GreNo: 14 Ave Gaur City-2 residents protest against maintenance charge increase
Photo: CitySpidey

GreNo: 14 Ave Gaur City-2 residents protest against maintenance charge increase

Hundreds of residents of Greater Noida situated 14 Avenue in Gaur City 2 protested against the management on Sunday for increasing the maintenance charge of the society without giving any clarification.

Ajay Chauhan, a resident said, “The residents of two towers protested after the management failed to give us any clarification as to why they want to increases the maintenance charge”.

The maintenance charge currently is Rs 1 per square feet which the management wishes to increases to Rs 1.50, the residents feel that since the management has failed to even provide the bare minimum to them, why should they pay an additional 50 paisa.

A resident speaking to CitySpidey reporter said, “The management is not even providing us the basic facilities, the lifts often don’t work, there is no recreational park for senior citizens or playgrounds for children, how can they increase the maintenance”.

He said, “provide us with the minimum and we will pay as much of maintenance they demand but show us that positive changes are taking place."

In a letter dated on May 25 this year to the management, the residents had raised several issues on security concern, including entry without verification, no barricading on the main gates and other entry points, no speed breaker on the gates and several other issues. 

The residents had also questioned the reason for the increase in maintenance charges through the letter. They had asked the management to provide a balance sheet or yearly audit report. The residents have pointed out that not even one extra facility has been added since the possession, so why is the charge increasing now on what grounds.

Taking to our reporter, the residents also complained to have been living by the fear of life since a number of cases of robbery, chain-snatching and other such activities have been witnessed in the area.

“They have hired the guards, they don't even ask any questions if someone enters in the society premises. How safe are we? that's a bigger question," a protester said.

 Another added, “These guards doze off after consuming contraband, they are not here to provide security, they let in anyone without even cross-checking”.

A resident said, “We had gathered in the maintenance office on Sunday as we were informed in revert to our letter that a meeting was scheduled between the residents and the Additional Vice President of the developers firm, Sanjeev Rahil, who will be attending the meeting and we can raise our issues with him."

He added, “But nobody turned up and after waiting for one and half hours, when we started our agitation, Rahul Tyagi, the Deputy General Manager was sent to talk to us, he is in no authority to do anything."

He further said, “We have again given a written complaint and hope this time the management will at least try to resolve our issues, if not anything else”.

There are 1,900 families living in 14 Avenue, Gaur City-2 which is the largest residential housing society of Gaur sons, yet the facilities given are not as per the mark we expected, an older resident of the township added.