Noida: Encroachement on pavement irks Sector 121 residents

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Sep 05, 2019

The residents and commuters of Noida's sector 121 area have constantly been complaining about the encroachment by three-wheeler, street-hawkers on the pavements and blockage in the sewage drain which have at times caused several issues for the passersby.

A particular service lane near Ajnara Homes 121, a high-rise in sector 121, has become an eyesore for the residents of the society.

Abhay Pandey, a resident of Homes 121, told our reporter that the street hawkers have encroached the pavement near the sewage which has become a dumping ground for these hawkers.

"One can see plastic, furniture and other things lying in the sewage which causes water-logging in the area when it rains as sewage is blocked", he said.

Abhay added, “And since the Dengue season is on its way, this sewage can be the major breeding ground for these disease if not cleaned on time.”

“Not just the residents, the commuters too face difficulty since all the auto-rickshaws have encroached the service lane and illegally park their vehicles,” he said.

Talking to our reporter, a commuter said, that the reeking around the area is such that one can easily make out that it is being used as urinating ground by the hawkers and drivers.



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