Prateek Laurel residents complain against defunct street lights

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Sep 07, 2019

Residents of Prateek Laurel, a highrise in Sector 120 of Noida city, wrote to the Noida Industrial Development Authority on Friday, complaining about the defunct street lights in their residential pockets. 

They alleged that due to the absence of proper lighting, several theft cases have taken place.

Sandeep Singh, Secretary of Apartment Owner Association, said that around 6-7 light poles are defunct, due to which a patch of over 300 meters remains in dark throughout the night. This helps miscreants to commit crimes.    

He said, ''The law and order situation has become worst. On Friday, valuables from my car were stolen, which was parked outside the society's gate. They (thieves) broke my car window to steal the laptop placed in the car."

He demanded firm actions from both, the Noida Industrial Development Authority as well as from the local police. He said that the immediate action must be taken to repair the defunct street lights and to catch the culprits respectively. Noida authority must improve the fault in all the street lights, which are lying defunct beside roads in the sector. 

He said that he has made a complaint to the authority via its recently launched mobile application namely 'Smart Street'. But a response is awaited. He said, ''The application is not effective as concerned persons are not paying heed to the complaints registered. It should take immediate action to solve the problem.''

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