Gurugram: Upbeat residents spend enjoyable time at sustainable living market
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Gurugram: Upbeat residents spend enjoyable time at sustainable living market

Various fun-filled activities were organised.

Gurugram: Upbeat residents spend enjoyable time at sustainable living market

Residents of Gurugram had a delightful Sunday as they met their friends, did shopping, binged on sumptuous meal, reminisced old days while making sustainable choices which would help them in bringing back harmony with nature. 

I Am Gurgaon, a city-based NGO, in association with Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) organised another sustainable living market at Samadhaan Hub in Sector 43.

The residents from all walks of life thronged the venue and had a gala time. The event was also attended by Inderjit Kularia, Joint Commissioner MCG, along with Sonia Duhan, MCG consultant and an independent expert on waste management.

Several stalls were set up in the market offering a wide variety of organic food, home composting solution, eco-friendly products, organic fashionable clothing, etc. The residents enjoyed while making green choices ahead of Diwali shopping.
“This event is an opportunity for everyone to do their bit in saving the environment instead of passing the buck on others,” said Namrita Chaudhari from I Am Gurgaon.

They also launched 'I Choose To Recycle', an initiative which encourages people to collect plastic at an individual or community level and then give it to recyclers for recycling. They can even drop the waste at 'Samadhaan Hub' for recycling.

A workshop by Dr. Lakshmi Raghupaty and Smita Ahuja was also conducted for the visitors to create awareness on community-level source segregation. During the workshop, the residents were informed about segregation methods and how composting would help in overcoming challenges of waste management in the city.

“Just like we sort and manage everything in our lives, we need to sort our waste too and stop throwing resources into our dustbins. Everyone should take responsibility for saving the environment as small baby steps by each one of us can create a huge impact,” said Smita Ahuja, curator of the sustainable living market for the team I Am Gurgaon.
“There is a greater need for more people taking small steps than just a few taking many steps. This platform has been created so that all of us can come together to create the change we want,” Ahuja added.

Various fun-filled activities, including art walk to engage with the installation, musical notes from the students of DAV school who played instruments on E-waste, an open-air cooking session with a chef, were organised.

Tree climbing was a big hit with both kids and adults. Children hugged trees and had a joyous time climbing and swinging on the trees. A traditional game of Hop Scotch was introduced to children which they enjoyed with their friends and families. Swings made of reused tyres were another attraction for young children as they got a chance to see the world from a new perspective. 

“Today’s generation is getting more and more drawn towards electronic gadgets which have turned them into couch potatoes. To get them unplugged from these e-toys, we organized a few outdoor activities amidst nature at Samadhaan Hub. The idea behind outdoor fun was to connect them with nature, explore the environment, develop muscle strength and coordination and gain self-confidence,” said Anjali Khatri, another member of I Am Gurgaon.