Weekly astro-predictions based on ascendant signs | March 21 - March 27
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Weekly astro-predictions based on ascendant signs | March 21 - March 27

Here’s what you need to know about next week

Weekly astro-predictions based on ascendant signs | March 21 - March 27

New Delhi: There are no major transits during this week. Rahu and Mars's conjunction plays a major role, marking a sudden change in the life or routine on a more mundane level for many people. The major Hindu event this week is Amalaki Ekadashi. Following are the details of Ekadashi Tithi:

Amalaki Ekadashi on Thursday, March 25, 2021

Ekadashi Tithi Begins: 10:23 AM on March 24, 2021

Ekadashi Tithi Ends - 09:47 AM on March 25, 2021

This week starts with the moon in Gemini, indulgence on the internet, and excessive use of mobile phones to set the tone. And the focus remains around travel, communication, newspaper, and media. Overall many of you may spend time with siblings at the beginning of the week or you may work on communication-related stuff. Travel is on the cards for many people. The week will end with the moon in Virgo around March 27-28, directing your focus towards work and routine life.


Aries native will spend this week communicating, travelling, and visiting relatives. There is a lot on the plate which you will have to organise and settle. For individuals who experience a lack of satisfaction and vitality, they should spend time in isolation and practice meditation this week. Learn to rest and take control of your mind. This is a busy week, still, you will be allowed to nurture yourself. Take control of expenditures. It is a good time for students to focus on studies and practice. With the sun in Pisces, it's a good time to practice your authority in your work area. Divinity will help you to lead.


Your week starts with the moon in house 12 of your chart. It will set things in motion for you to communicate matters with foreign clients or friends and siblings abroad. Investments may hover over your mind, it's a good week to stash some cash aside, savings will be done successfully. During mid-week, your focus turns towards yourself. You experience a surge in energy, and you feel that you have become conscious in matters of diet and dieting.


Last week has been heavy for most Gemini natives. Many may have experienced transformative hits and emotional loss for miscellaneous reasons. Time to recover has come. Welcome a new phase of life as you focus on insurances, inheritances, banking, and cash transactions. This week will keep you too busy. Recovery after an emotional setback is seen.


Gains through the right investments and recovery from illness are themes this week. Communication and foreign transactions can rule at the start of the week. Students preparing for exams will do well through hard work. Practice patience and offer prayers to the lord Shiva. Do not undertake risk without cross verifying situations and reading legal documents carefully. Avoid gamble.


A mild quarrel is over. After strife and dissatisfaction, you are out of it unharmed. Leos are divinely protected. Though sun in house 8 may have given you separation from a situation or a person. House 8 is ruled by death, separation, and loss. Leos would feel happy for the gains they get at the start of the week. This week will get many individuals an increment or raise in salary. Good times ahead. Mid-week will be spent visiting a temple or offering prayers. Good time to relax and enjoy leisure time at home. Overall a comfortable week is seen ahead.


Virgos will enjoy conversations and communications at the workplace. Your work will be appreciated. You are the star this week. You are appreciated for being dedicated and honest in your efforts. Life is teaching Virgos how to be happy in all situations and making them learn to let go of negative thoughts and circumstances. Overall a happy phase, a sudden change of luck is in sight. Destiny is in your favour this week. The weekend will be spent in research or chanting, overall a happy week ahead. This week revolves around the increase in status, gains, and end of an old situation.


This week starts with long-distance travel, plans, policies, and a new job offer. Don't overindulge on the internet or binge-watch movies, as it may affect your health. Thoughts and business communications are on your mind along with travel for work purposes. This week will prove to be conducive and fruitful in matters of careers and promotions. Just watch out against loan frauds and be careful in matters of health.


This is a week high on concluding a contract. You may earn through business partnerships. Week starts on a busy note and helps you to achieve what you have wanted. You are moving in the right direction, as starts are aligned in your favour. You feel happier at the end of the week, as you move into your space of comfort. You will focus on maximising or increasing your production capacities in your business at the start of the week. As you move forward, it turns out to be satisfactory. A lot of business meetings are on the cards during mid-week. You may spend on your home for creating a more comfortable space.


Watch out mid-week for health and stress, though the beginning and end of the week seem fine. Clients, negotiations, excess expenditures are the theme this week. You may receive money through a matured policy or alternatively, you may buy a new insurance policy this week. Good time to open a new bank account. Wealth accumulations hover over the minds of many Sagittarians. You are more active than ever. Control stress and anger during mid-week. As the reasons could be plenty to fight. The legalities settle in your favour. Practice patience and detachment. A controlled mind leads to a happy and healthy body.


The end of the week may trigger a change of job or dispose of an old loan. This week starts with meeting many people for work purposes. You focus on your routine and maintaining discipline around it. Good week for setting up goals and working upon them, you may think of changing your home. Travel may yield good results. You take an interest in the occult at end of the week. Good time to learn a new skill or follow your passion.


Avoid gambling this week. You feel more comfortable at the workplace as you gradually make your comfort space. You may relish poetry sessions or rejuvenate your mind by pursuing arts this week. Aquarians will enjoy theatre, poetry, or exhibitions of some forms at beginning of the week. Do not spend more than you can afford to pay back. This week hold leisure activities and gains through partnership business.


You experience a highly active mind with lots of thoughts rushing in suddenly. Multitasking is a good idea, provided you take ample rest. Mid-week may yield liquid gains and appreciation at the workplace. Do not let anxiety interrupt your happiness. Students shine at the end of the week. If your results are about to be out, expect better numbers and success in competitions at end of the week. Drink more water and stay hydrated as Mars and Rahu sits in the house of courage may make you work a lot. It is a conducive week for multi-tasking.