First Eco-bricks Bench Inaugurated in Dwarka’s Brahma Apartments
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First Eco-bricks Bench Inaugurated in Dwarka’s Brahma Apartments

The eco bricks bench was made successful via individual participation by residents of Brahma apartme

First Eco-bricks Bench Inaugurated in Dwarka’s Brahma Apartments

In today’s time and age, the society we currently live in needs a major change in the management of plastic waste. According to the Centre of Science and Environment, plastic waste is world’s most formidable environmental challenge and the COVID-19 pandemic has made matters even worse. However, citizens have already started to take the situation in their hands. 

On April 10, MLA Sushree Bhavna Gaur inaugurated a bench made from environment-friendly bricks in Dwarka’s Brahma apartments. The bricks were made from single-use plastic and multiplayer plastics like wrappers of chips, chocolates, biscuits etc which are small in quantity and are usually mixed with other garbage which cannot be fixed once mixed. 

All these plastics are put inside PET plastic bottles in which one plastic bottle weighs around 330 gm. In total, 8 kgs of single use plastic is prevented from polluting the environment. The initiative was only made successful by individual participation of all residents of Brahma apartments. Residents of other societies in Dwarka, including children, participated as well. 

The inauguration event was attended by the management of committee members and residents of Brahma apartments. 

The idea of the eco-bricks bench was proposed by Madhukar Varshney, founder of the Rise Foundation.  “As a responsible citizen it is our duty to nurture and care for our habitat. Citizen and community participation is a must. We want people to be aware of the eco-bricks concept. We pitched this concept with Brahma apartments and conducted sessions with the residents. They actively contributed 100 eco-bricks,” Varshney said. 

Munish Kundra, secretary of Brahma Apartments said, “In continuation of our initiative of ‘Zero Waste Society’, we found making eco bricks is an easy way to handle plastic waste and avoid it being sent to the garbage landfill. This initiative is a good engagement with society residents. Our residents have contributed 100 eco bricks till now.”

Vinod Kumar, president of Brahma Apartment said, “Proper management of our plastic waste is very important and eco bricks is a very easy way for this management. We have always encouraged such activities.”