World Blood Donor Day: Donate blood, save lives
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World Blood Donor Day: Donate blood, save lives

It is one of eleven official global public health campaigns which is marked by the WHO

World Blood Donor Day: Donate blood, save lives

New Delhi: Every year on June 14, World Blood Donor Day is celebrated. The slogan of World Blood Donor Day this year is – Give blood and keep the world-beating. It was first celebrated in 2005 by a joint initiative of World Health Organization, International Federation of Red Cross, and Red Crescent Societies to raise awareness about the need for safe blood and blood products. It is one of eleven official global public health campaigns which is marked by the World Health Organization.

On the occasion of World Blood Donor Day, CitySpidey talked to some people from Delhi-NCR.

Ajay Kumar Tonk, a resident of Faridabad, Sector 21B, said, “Once I was reading about the  advantages of blood donation and got to know that donating blood may lower the risk of suffering a heart attack. Donating blood at least once a year can reduce your risk of a heart attack by 88 per cent. When I was young, I donated blood three or four times but at the age of 57, it is quite difficult to donate. However, I always encourage my kids and every young person to donate blood, it will save someone's life and it also has many benefits.”

Vineet Kumar, a resident of Sector 125, Noida, said, “I have lived in Noida for many years. I remember the first time I donated blood. It was when my aunt was suffering from blood cancer. It was very scary for me because I had heard from people that it is very painful but it was not. When I was in school, I read about the benefits of blood donation like it can improve your liver health, may reduce the risk of cancer etc. Now I encourage everyone to donate blood and save someone's life.”

Anju Tickoo, a resident of Sector 10, Dwarka said, “I remember the first time I donated blood to one of my family members and after that, I realised that there was no good reason to stop. I definitely encourage others to donate blood. I think when people can see how their deed is helping others, they’re more likely to do it because they are saving a life.”

Akshay Rajput, a resident of Shahdara, Delhi said, “For me, blood donation is important. It helps to filter our blood and after 3 months, you can recover and be able to donate blood again as per the doctor’s prescription. I remember that I donated my blood when Bangla Sahib organised a blood donation camp. Once, I donated my blood to my friend’s sister and I think everyone should donate blood and save someone’s life.”

Tanya Verma, who lives in Vijay Nagar, Ghaziabad, said, “I would like to advise everyone to donate blood. There are many benefits of doing it, new blood will be  formed with good oxidants, and in this pandemic time, plasma donation is very important which is an extract from our blood. I have donated blood twice, first before the Covid and second when one of my friends needed plasma.”