Floral print: The best staple for summer look
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Floral print: The best staple for summer look

In summers, easy-breezy floral print clothes are a must-have

Floral print: The best staple for summer look

In summers we all want to feel free and easy-breezy floral print clothes are a must-have. They provide a chic and bold look at the same time. The fun fact is Indian street markets are filled with this particular kind of print at cheap rates. However, you just need to bargain there and not get fooled by the sellers. 

Here is a tip - always pair a floral fashion staple with the right staple to not spoil your overall styling.

Here is the list of the fashion staples you can look out for:

Floral dress

To avoid accessories, puffed sleeves dresses are “a one-man army”. You just style it with flat footwear and breezy hair and your look is ready. These puff sleeves dresses come in varieties like off-shoulder, full sleeves, quarter sleeves, and many more. 

Floral skirts

Not only shorts but long floral print skirts have been trending and slaying for the past many years. Try to style floral skirts with plain tops or shirts. When you are wearing a dark coloured skirt, match it with a light coloured shirt and vice versa. 

Floral shirts

More than women, men are a big fan of floral shirts. Floral shirts can be dressed up and down in both summer and winter. So when in doubt, go for formal shirts without giving a second thought. 

Floral pants 

Call it floral pants or floral palazzos, they are worn more in summers to avoid tight skinny pants. It has turned out to be a street fashion currently. They are preferably paired with heels to give a bold look. 

Floral scarf

Scarves are generally used to tie around the neck in winters but are now gaining importance in summers too. Women are using scarves to save their hair in summers. Though scarves come in different patterns, floral print scarves suit many outfits. Try it out. 

Floral belts

If you are bored wearing the same single-coloured belts, especially the black ones in your everyday life, here is the belt for you - floral print belts. Floral prints in belts will be the most highlighted part of your body if you are wearing a normal outfit. 

So here are some of the important fashion staples that can be carried well in summers - yes, without any burden and will still make you the centre of attraction wherever you go