Gaur City: Residents elated as road repair starts
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Gaur City: Residents elated as road repair starts

CitySpidey has been continuously reporting the road issue

Gaur City: Residents elated as road repair starts

Greater Noida: The repair of the road outside Gaur City 1, a residential township in Greater Noida West, started on Wednesday and is expected to be completed by Thursday. Residents are thrilled to see the road getting repaired after so many complaints and tweets.

CitySpidey has been continuously writing about this issue. We talked to some residents to know their views.

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“I went near the Gaur City exit gate on Wednesday and it was good to see that after a long follow-up, the authorities started work on the damaged Gaur City road. We are always highlighting the issues on social media platforms and expecting action from concerned authorities. Hope it will continue for other damaged roads also,” said Anita Prajapati, a resident of the society.

“This has been a long-standing demand of all the residents in Gaur City. After follow-ups and escalations at multiple levels by many socially active residents, finally, this road outside Gaur City 1 is being repaired. We thank all volunteers who have been raising this issue and all authorities involved. We also should think about making this process easier in the future, otherwise, residents will not be heard by the administration. Jansunwai and Mitra app should be regulated properly,” said Gaurav Gupta, a resident of the society.

“It is nice to see that the service road of Gaur City 1 near Gate Number 2 is being repaired. It will give relief to thousands of two-wheelers and four-wheelers commuting on this road. It was damaged for a long time and residents pointed out this issue over social media but finally, it was heard by authorities. We hope the quality of repair is long-lasting to avoid future issues,” said Achal Rohit, a resident of the society.