Logix Blossom County: Dengue cases worry residents
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Logix Blossom County: Dengue cases worry residents

According to the residents, plenty of water gets accumulated in their basements

Logix Blossom County: Dengue cases worry residents

Noida: In the last five days, ten cases of dengue were reported from Logix Blossom County, a residential highrise society in Sector 137, Noida. The residents said that the cases of dengue are on the rise.

According to the residents, every year during the monsoon, plenty of water gets accumulated in their basements, common areas and parks which leads to diseases of various kind including vector-borne diseases. The swimming pool in the clubhouse is filled with rainwater, basements have poor drainage systems and there are not enough pumps to pull the water out.

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Cityspidey talked to the residents to understand the problem better. Manoj Prasad, a resident of the society, said, “Waterlogging issue has cropped up due to sheer negligence of the builder over the years. Ever since possession of flats started, society has been left to deal with the lack of facilities created on part of the builder. We have had no proper water drainage system for years. Residents have been complaining to the builder for years but the builder has grown a thick skin.”

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“This year in particular when Delhi-NCR is experiencing heavy rainfall, cases of dengue are on the rise. The builder has become so blind and deaf that even small tasks to prevent mosquitoes breeding such as fogging and spray are not being conducted. There are broken drain water pipelines in the basement which are causing great health hazards to residents. The most worrisome reason is that children are getting affected more in numbers,” added Prasad.

Anjani Kumar, a resident of the society, said, “This waterlogging is not only causing financial damage but also health issues like dengue. The leakage is from expansion joints and has been acknowledged by the builder several times. However, there is no solution to date from their side. There is a similar state of affairs from the time of handover of towers in multiple other areas as well.”
Another resident, Ankoor Sarkar, said, “Logix Blossom County’s 5000+ civilized (tax-paying too) citizens’ lives are presently in intense catastrophe with increasing dengue cases each day. The builder is responsible for it. The local government civic bodies have equally been responsible for the current crisis as all our complaints to them before time have remained unattended. They (Local  Government Civic Body) deferred their site visit twice or thrice.”

He also said, “In the last two days, rain has severely damaged the entire basement and so has the car parking area. Almost every alternative day, we get to see 50+ fountains in the basement area’s pipelines where mosquitos grow to a large scale and shall result in a severe crisis soon. We have an odd 15 per cent as senior citizens (who walk once a day in the central park area) and an odd 20 per cent as kids (who play on the field). Except for some primary fogging once a day, there is not even basic pest control to slice down the risks in such highly sensitive open areas. We are afraid of this pattern of sheer baloney continues from the builder’s end, we will have a very unembellished situation in the next couple of weeks.”

Biplav Chatterjee, the resident of the society, said, “Leave aside dengue, as a stop-gap measure, drainage trays were put in, which have rusted and melted and iron-rich water is damaging the cars. There are waterfalls in the basement, few towers,  people have to walk through six inches of waterlogged basement 1 to reach their cars. Due to waterlogging, dogs usually don't stay on the ground, but climb on cars, scratching the paint and sometimes chewing away from the antennas, etc.”