Gurugram: Reusable 'bag bank' created in SunCity Avenue
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Gurugram: Reusable 'bag bank' created in SunCity Avenue

"We plan to provide cotton bags at a very nominal cost to the shop owners"

Gurugram: Reusable 'bag bank' created in SunCity Avenue

Gurugram: The use of plastic bags is a great hazard to the environment and replacing plastic bags with sustainable cloth bags can help protect the environment at great lengths. With this thought in mind,  Lynness Club Sampoorna, has been working on an initiative in which they have come out with environment friendly Carry Bags which one can opt in place of plastic bags.

They are making carry bags from old clothes, grocery bags from trousers, jeans, bed sheets, curtains and any such clothes. They have also engaged an NGO from Najafgarh, New Delhi and motivated them to get the bags stitched through women, which in turn, become an additional source of income for ladies. The women were provided used clothes and they converted them into carry bags at a nominal charge.

According to Mamta Agarwal, Patron, Lynness Club Sampoorna, the new bags are more durable, environment friendly, lightweight and cost effective.

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These cloth bags are kept outside shops in SunCity Avenue, Gurugram, for people to use free of cost.They are encouraging people to switch to these sustainable reusable bags instead of the plastic ones and the response has been positive.

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According to Mamta Agarwal, they approached adjoining societies as well and the response was quite positive. Not only in Gurgaon & Delhi, huge quantities of cotton bags were sent to other states as well.

She also said, “Considering the concept and  the noble cause- NGO’s, Environmentalist and groups working for environmental protection join hands with us in promoting the idea of Cotton bags. Residents in their individual capacity also came forward to implement this unique idea and appreciated the move.”

She further added, “Success in the venture has encouraged us to promote the concept on a larger scale. We will approach the nearby market place and  motivate shop owners not to use single use plastic bags. We plan to provide cotton bags at a very nominal cost to the shop owners so that it doesn’t pinch them. We are confident that with our efforts, we shall be able to contain the use of plastic bags at large. We plan to involve other residential complexes to adopt the concept and contribute towards the protection of Mother Earth.”

CitySpidey also talked to Prabha Mehta, General Secretary of Lynness Club Sampoorna. She said, “We have kept a bag bank which we filled with clothes bags and non-plastic bags. From time to time, we are again filling it so that shopkeepers don’t use plastic bags. One of our seniors, Savita Kohli is diligently working on this. We all are socially connected and supporting downtrodden people of society, supporting orphanages and old age homes also.”

Neeru Sehgal, President of  Lyness Club Sampoorna is also actively participating in the initiative and has a great hand in making it a success. It is because of the collective efforts of these women that people of SunCity Avenue have switched to reusable cloth bags.