Logix County Noida residents write to Police Commissioner on unsafe play areas


Logix County Noida residents write to Police Commissioner on unsafe play areas

A child got injured recently when a swing broke in the society garden

Logix County Noida residents write to Police Commissioner on unsafe play areas

Noida:The residents of Logix Blossom County, a residential society in  Sector-137 in Noida were alarmed post an incident where a child got injured after a swing broke in the colony park.  In a fit of rage the residents wrote an email to Alok Singh, Commissioner of Police, Noida, and to District Magistrate, Gautam Budh Nagar. The society has a newly formed AOA fighting for residents' rights. However the builder still manages the maintenance.

The letter stated, “We have been addressing our issues for months with your honorable office along with the competent authority. We have been suffering for a long time and now that our kids are not safe in the condominium due to the sheer negligence of the builder, we would like to request your office to initiate an investigation to maintain the law and order and safety of our lives”.

The correspondence with the authorities also contains photographs of the shabby condition of the children's park area. The CP Noida office has forwarded the said complaint to the Deputy Commissioner of Police,Central Noida Shri Harish Chandar as per the residents. 

 “Sports amenities in Logix blossom county have been neglected by Logix Infrastructure Pvt Ltd since its inception. Even after 10 years since the project was handed over the builder has carried out no repair work, alleged society resident Manoj Prasad.

Residents allege that they had to contribute to buy nets for badminton and tennis courts. 

“We pay Common Area Maintenance (CAM) charges however the builder doesn't even spend a minimum amount to maintain the sports facilities. Our kids have been suffering from the builder’s negligence  for years. There are 2381 families living in this society out of which 1600 are already living here with shabby and highly compromised sports amenities, added Prasad”.

 Residents also allege that when the project was launched the builder promised various sports amenities namely football, cricket, two tennis courts, badminton courts, and golf. But till now only one tennis court, one badminton court, one basket court, and a  kid’s play area is built which is grossly inadequate for 2381 families living in the society. They have been complaining about ill maintained sports amenities and negligence in maintenance to facility management for years. They added that while the builder has not released the funds their kids continue to get hurt using dilapidated sports amenities. Yesterday’s incident was the last straw in the camel’s back. 

“We have raised our complaint to CP, Noida Authority, and District Magistrate and mentioned how our kids are coming in the harm’s way due to the lack of amenities. In the event of any harm the kids face the builder and his peers are to be held responsible. We are going to file an FIR if the sports amenities are not taken seriously,” concluded Prasad.