Aishwaryam Society: Residents demand inspection of Sewage Treatment Plant
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Aishwaryam Society: Residents demand inspection of Sewage Treatment Plant

On September 18, tri-party meeting OSD Santosh Kumar assured that Authority will perform an audit

Aishwaryam Society: Residents demand inspection of Sewage Treatment Plant

Greater Noida: Residents of Aishwaryam Society, a residential society in Gaur  City 2, Greater Noida West raised the issue of the poor state of the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) in the society. According to the residents, tri-party meeting with OSD Santosh Kumar on September 18 had assured them that the authority will perform an audit on the STP of the society. However, nearly a month has passed and no action has been taken.

In a letter to the U.P. Real Estate Regulatory Authority residents shared the STP system had no flow meters installed, the logbook had not been maintained properly, there was no provision of tertiary treatment and it lacked devices for ultrafiltration.

Partially treated or improperly treated water is being sent for recirculation in the individual apartments in flushing tanks, which  can cause disease outbreaks for residents. The manure formed is being  mixed with the other waste which can also be the source of impending outbreaks.

Residents demand that the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) functioning should be investigated and necessary work should be done to bring it up to the industry standard by implementing proper checks and balances in place along with maintenance.

Residents also raised the issue of the  Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and the Organic Waste Converter. Arnismesh, AOA president said, “All the residents are paying high  maintenance to the builder but in return, we have a poor state of infrastructure in the society. OSD Santosh Kumar gave assurance that  within 10 days, an audit will be performed. Now it’s been a month and all the residents are waiting for them.”

Zuheab, a resident of Tower A said, “All our hard-earned money is going into the reserves of irresponsible management, hence we want the authorities to intervene  and help us solve these major issues.”

In a talk with CitySpidey, OSD Santosh Kumar said, "Builder has shared the planning report with us. Our engineer will inspect the society's STP. It was delayed due to the holidays. Another tri-party meeting will be held after Diwali."

Nikita Sharma
Nikita Sharma
945 Days Ago
Hope this issue resolves soon