GreNo- Residents pan authority over delayed handover
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GreNo- Residents pan authority over delayed handover

This is the main issue for which the residents have been fighting since 2012

GreNo- Residents pan authority over delayed handover

Greater Noida: A few days ago, a board meeting was conducted by the Greater Noida Authority for future planning, decisions, and upcoming projects. However, residents of Golf link - 1, Greater Noida are disappointed because their issue of delayed handover was not raised in the board meeting despite assuring them.

An official meeting with the Additional Chief Executive Officer and other officials of Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority with the representatives of RWA Golf Link -1 was held on 31st August 2021 The ACEO had apprised the representatives of RWA during the meeting that the issue of acquiring Golf Link -1 colony by GNIDA in terms of its documents shall be raised in the upcoming board meeting of GNIDA. Since then 2 Board meetings have been held but the issue of Golf Link -1 was not raised in either of these 2 Board Meetings.

RWA President Dharmendra Kataria, said, “ It appears that GNIDA officials are just playing delay tactics with the residents of Golf Link -1. They are escaping from their moral responsibility of acquiring the Golf Link -1 Colony whereas it is mentioned in the Brochure and MOU published by the GNIDA for the subject colony that GNIDA will take over this colony after 1 year of issuance of completion Certificate to this colony. C.C was issued in 2011 therefore GNIDA should have acquired this colony in 2012.

Golf link 1 has long pending issues

This is the main issue for which the residents have been fighting since 2012. In the meantime, commercial activities are mushrooming in Golf Link -1 under the nose of GNIDA. GNIDA officials have visited the colony in the past and acknowledged this fact too but they never bothered to do anything in this regard. It is difficult to understand why GNIDA is trying to escape of its duty of acquiring this colony whereas there is sufficient documentary evidence in this regard?”.

The residents of Golf Link-1 have been facing a lack of basic amenities for the past several years. As informed by the residents, Greater Noida Authority allotted the plot of this colony to the developer on a freehold basis under a scheme. The Authority had placed the condition that the developer should develop the colony first and obtain the completion certificate for the same.

Thereafter, the developer should maintain it for the first 1 year and then hand over the colony to the Greater Noida Authority. But many years later, this handover is still pending, resulting in dire maintenance issues.

Surendra Sharma, a resident of Golf Link- 1, said, "We thought that this board meeting would give us some relief for which we were eagerly waiting. But our issues were not even discussed. There are so many issues that are pending and can be only sorted if this handover issue is resolved."

He added that "We have water issues, Sewer water and dirt come with it, the water is not potable, one needs to survive by buying bottles of water from outside. The maintenance handover has been pending for decades while thousands of people were expecting that this time the Greater Noida Authority will surely give us justice. We are deeply disappointed."