Constitution Day 2021: Youth speak on what Constitution means to them
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Constitution Day 2021: Youth speak on what Constitution means to them

Constitution that provides representation in the government to all groups, interests, and areas

Constitution Day 2021: Youth speak on what Constitution means to them

What is the constitution? What is the need for the constitution?
It is a well-known truth that a country's youth is a valuable asset. They play a more crucial role in nation-building than we would believe. So, on the occasion of Constitution Day, we asked a few young people about their opinions on the "Constitution" and its significance in their lives.

Sarwat Mahal, 21,History student, Jamia Millia Islamia 

“When it comes to Constitution, I remember a famous comment of my professor Rajeev Bharagava, ‘Since a person's own strength is extremely constrained, everything worthwhile can be accomplished without the combined effort of individuals. A rock, for example, cannot move an inch if pushed by a single person, but when pushed by hundreds of people, it may go rather far.’” 

On asking about what does the constitution mean to you,

Darakhshan Masoom,19, political science student,  Janki Devi Memorial College

"The Constitution is a mere document consisting of fundamental laws by which a state is governed and democracy and justice are maintained."

Amisha Dubey,21, law student, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University

"It is a GrundNorm"

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Rasleen Grover, 21, economic graduate, University of Delhi

"It's just a book, defining all the laws for the state and citizens"

Palak Nagar, 24, Graphic Designer

"The constitution plays a big role in our life but is often misinterpreted and not respected enough."

On asking about the relevance of the Constitution for youth in today's world,

Zaeema Khan, 24, UPSC Aspirant

Our constitution makers were really blessed with wisdom, as they had a far-sighted vision for a country like India, with a massive population and diversity. Our country is called a bowl of salad. The constitution is framed in such a way that citizens can deal with any circumstances and are ready for the worst scenarios. The motto was no one should be left behind. Every man, woman, and child irrespective of religion, caste, race, sex, gender, and language is considered equal. Our constitution recognizes every single detail which is important to ensure the country's integrity, sovereignty.

Mahima Sharma, 20, Political science graduate from the University of Delhi

"The constitution provides us with a set of rules and regulations. Especially the governance and a way of living under certain limitations as a citizen in a state. So for youth, it can be discipline, a way of living. It can be put under morality and ethics such as fundamental rights. It gives an idea to a person how certain factors regulate a mass, combine them into unitary form.”

Alvira Nasir, 23, Content Editor
"Despite the current problems in our society, our Constitution is something that I am proud of. With the politics of greed, religious disharmony created by a few, and violence, all around, the constitution gives me the courage to live life to the fullest. It makes me believe that despite the anti-social elements, this is not what India stands for."