Which Y2K fashion trend should you try based on your zodiac sign
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Which Y2K fashion trend should you try based on your zodiac sign

It can be challenging to pick which is ideal for you, so why not let your zodiac sign decide?

Which Y2K fashion trend should you try based on your zodiac sign

Do you remember the time when low waist denim was the latest trend? Wearing string tops and Crop tops was the ultimate fashion vibe amongst 90's kids. Who knew fashion from the 90s would return with a vengeance!

We've grown acquainted with several fashion aesthetics in the last year or two, thanks to TikTok and the internet. Youth subcultures such as Y2K(The year 2000), E-girl, VSCO girl, and others are breaking the internet and becoming new social trends.

With the return of Y2K fashion trends in 2021, it can be challenging to pick which is ideal for you, so why not let your zodiac sign decide? After all, it does serve as a window into your inner nature.


Even though you're a softie on the inside, your fiery spirit gives off a rough aura. Thus, Aries have even more incentive to put on a fishnet top, it will make you feel like the badass you aspire to be. Wera this top as a symbol of your fierce spirit.

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You're a pro at mixing lavish and cosy sensations, Taurus, which is why the cottage core aesthetic is a good suit for you. Its tried-and-true style formula is exactly up your alley—hello, gorgeous prairie dresses and neutral-toned accessories!


As the zodiac's winged messenger, it's only natural that you enjoy anything that allows you to move around. Velour tracksuits are not only comfortable (which is a must for any piece of clothing you choose to wear), but they also provide you with the versatility and flexibility to keep active.


Your governing planet is the moon, so what better way to honour it than to adopt the dark academia aesthetic? Sweaters, vests, cardigans, skirts, and blazers in dark colours such as black, grey, navy blue, and brown are required for this appearance.


There aren't many zodiac signs with the confidence to wear a dress like this, but as the fearless and magnificent lion, you were born to wear it. Just make sure you take a lot of selfies while you're there!


The Y2K aesthetic is essentially a throwback for Virgos. You'll find low-rise jeans, lace-trimmed camisole tops, baguette bags, and more here than you thought you'd left in the early aughts. Virgos are a creative bunch, and they'll love putting these items together to create the ultimate look.


You might be wondering what light academia is. It's similar to the dark academia one, but lighter tones like white, cream and beige are used. This look will bring back school memories, long walks on campus, and coffee shop dates—everything Libra enjoys.


Scorpio, your magical aura is perfect for the ~grunge~ aesthetic. Staples for this one hold mesh tops, combat boots, cargo pants, plaid skirts, and loads of chains! The "whoa" factor will be great when you go out.


Big shout to Shakira and Bella Hadid for embracing the beauty of low rise fit. Low-rise pants are the perfect fit for your adventurous soul. Sagittarius people are known for being free-spirited and inventive, making them an ideal match for this look. This look includes denim overalls, colour block sweaters, graphic tees, and mom jeans.


Capricorns are straightforward but refined, much like the normcore aesthetic. Simple-coloured sweaters, denim trousers, plain white shirts, and loafers or white sneakers are key pieces for this look. Remember, it's all about mixing and matching the parts together to make them appear attractive.


You're not the type to tell everyone everything that's on your mind. Your fashion item of choice will be a long faux-leather belted coat, which will keep your genuine fashion sense hidden from all but the most discerning eyes. This coat is the ideal way to shield your emotions from the prying eyes of others and be the mystery you are!


A fancy slip dress will allow you to enjoy all of your love feelings, whether you wear it with or without a long sleeve shirt underneath. In autumnal colours like burgundy, olive, and navy blue, this dress style is stunning. As you swim through the fall season in this flowy slip, you'll feel both comfortable and stylish.