Sir Elton John and Ed Sheeran wish 'Merry Christmas' with this new single
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Sir Elton John and Ed Sheeran wish 'Merry Christmas' with this new single

Ed Sheeran has teamed up to gift us all with a brand new Christmas single

Sir Elton John and Ed Sheeran wish 'Merry Christmas' with this new single

Ho ho, Merry Christmas, everyone!

It has started to look red and white everywhere as Christmas is arriving and we love everything about it- hot chocolates, cosy warmers, decorated lanes, chilly weather, and our favourite Santa Claus. With the arrival of jingles bells, there is also a piece of good news for everyone out there!

This year, the universe must've been primarily happy because Elton John and Ed Sheeran have collaborated to provide us with a brand new Christmas single.

The song, appropriately titled "Merry Christmas," is a perfect blend of silly and sweet that's cheery, bright, and a little strange.

The pair, dressed up in their best Christmas attire, did all of the things that families do during the holidays, such as having snowball fights, going on sleigh rides, singing happy songs, and more.

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The video begins with Sheeran and John hosting a Christmas party in a room full of presents and festive trees and ends with them singing "It's Christmas time for you and I" around John's bright red piano while surrounded by Santa dancers. Their music video encapsulated all of the joys of Christmas in three minutes or less.

Merry Christmas, the first of three holiday singles from English pop icons Ed Sheeran and Elton John, was finally released. The festive collaboration may just top the music charts this year, and it is hoped that it will continue to appear on holiday charts for years to come.

The upbeat song is ridden with every Christmas theme imaginable, from a striking Santa costume (styled by Sheeran like a quirky robe) to altar servers' choirs and sleigh bells, mistletoe liplocks, and clattering reindeer hooves. Thanks to John's masterful piano and Sheeran's exuberant vocals, this song is ideal for an early Christmas morning listen.

Listen to this Christmas song here!

Ed Sheeran & Elton John - Merry Christmas [Official Video]