GreNo West: Residents of 14th Avenue take their protest to the street
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GreNo West: Residents of 14th Avenue take their protest to the street

Residents also shared that the builder is not handing over the basement parking

GreNo West: Residents of 14th Avenue take their protest to the street

It's a new day, a new society but the same old story. Residents of group housing society, 14th Avenue, Gaur City 2, Greater Noida West protested against the builder for the lack of basic amenities. On the cold night of December 28, 2021, residents came out on street and staged a protest against the builder. At the entry gate of the society, residents started their protest at 9:30 in the night and it went on till 11 pm. On the night of the protest, about 700 residents were present in the cold night.

Residents alleged that the builder has increased Common Area Charges, however, the maintenance services are not still adequate. As per the residents, the builder is demanding 2 rupees per square feet from January 1, 2022. They shared that during the Covid pandemic as well, the builder raised CAM charges and assured them that the facilities will be better in the meantime. Residents are as of now paying 1.5 rupees per square feet.

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Riled by the new increase in the CAM charges, Mahaveer Thusoo (37), a resident of the society, says, "Residents are struggling to get the basic amenities in the society. Builders increase the CAM charges on what basis? First, they should provide facilities in the society and then they should ask for their payment."

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During the protest, residents blocked the road in front of the society. They shared a video on their Facebook account with caption 'No facility, No increase CAM'.

Residents also pointed that the builder is not handing over the basement parking. Because of only one approach road, it becomes difficult for the residents to commute. The swimming pool and club are also not ready yet. The society is still under construction causing pollution and noise pollution which is further troubling the residents. Residents shared that the seepage issue in their flats is very common and they did complain about this, but no action has been taken by the maintenance team as yet.

The possession of the flats started in the year 2018. More than 3,000 residents live in the society.

On the consistent lack of facilities in the society, another resident, Ajay Chauhan, says, "Last year, the builders promised that they will provide facilities in the society but there has been no improvement in the last one year. Now they increase CAM charges. Moreover, the GST is not included in this amount."

CitySpidey tried to reach out to the builder and its maintenance head of the society but we didn’t get any comments. We will update you after getting their comments on the protest.