Health benefits of the humble Rye
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Health benefits of the humble Rye

Rye is a grass that is grown primarily as a grain in various parts

Health benefits of the humble Rye

A grain made famous by J.D Salinger's 1945 novel 'The Catcher in the Rye', the grain of Rye is today getting a renewed popularity as a grain with many health benifits. It has been gaining great popularity in the present day because of its high nutritional value – rye (Secale cereal), is a cereal which has become popular only recently. It is known to have been cultivated for the first time by the people who lived in 400BC in the regions of South and Southwest Asia and nowadays Turkey. In Europe, rye is popular only in Germany and the Scandinavian countries. There, it is widely consumed and considered as food for the poor for centuries.

The most impressive health benefits of rye may include its presumed ability to help with weight loss, increase the efficiency of your digestive system, help prevent gallstones, lower your risk of diabetes, lower your blood pressure, protect your cardiovascular health, help prevent various types of cancer, and even lower the chances of developing childhood asthma.

What Is Rye?

Scientifically called Secale cereale, rye is a grass that is grown primarily as a grain in various parts of the globe. It is closely related to wheat and barley. The grain is used for preparing rye flour, rye bread, rye beer, crispbread, some whiskeys and vodkas, and animal fodder.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Rye?

Rye is mostly made of fibre, which contributes to most of its benefits. The fibre in the rye can aid weight loss and help prevent several forms of cancer. Rye also regulates blood sugar levels and reduces diabetes risk. And the antioxidants contain combat free radicals and offer excellent anti-ageing benefits.

Aids Weight Loss

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This is especially true with rye bread – and when you have it for breakfast, it simply means you are a step ahead in your weight loss journey. This is because rye bread contains four times the fibre and  20% fewer calories than in the usual white bread. Rye bread increases satiety – it suppresses your appetite, eventually controlling weight gain.

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Cuts Diabetes Risk


One study states how rye bread and rye flakes can help control  postprandial blood glucose levels. The rye products even benefit the  hormonal responses in diabetics

Prevent Gallstones


Recent research has revealed an important element in the rye that can  help to lessen the severity of gallstones. This is somewhat connected  to fibre’s impact on the digestive process, as explained above because  fibre (particularly a mix of soluble and insoluble) can help to reduce  the number of bile acids formed, which is the main cause of gallstone  development

Improve Digestion

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As mentioned briefly in the weight loss section, the impressive  composition and density of dietary fibre in rye may make it perfect  for someone who is suffering from constipation or other blockages of  the bowels. It can reduce excess gas, ease stomach pain and cramping,  and prevent more serious conditions like ulcers, gallstones, or even  colon cancer.

Lower Blood Pressure

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As with most grains, rye is known for being heart-healthy. If you are  suffering from high blood pressure or atherosclerosis, then adding it  to your diet regularly is just as good, if not better for heart health  as other cereal grains/grasses. These effects are the result of  several variables, including fibre, vitamin, and mineral contents

As we always say, Stay healthy and stay fit