Promised Noida FOB's still a distant dream
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Promised Noida FOB's still a distant dream

The FOB that was to be built between Sector 51 and 52 is now facing some troubles

Promised Noida FOB's still a distant dream

Noida: Despite all the hype over the much-awaited foot over bridges (FOB) in Noida sectors, the projects still seem to be lagging behind.  Construction of FOBs in several sectors has been approved by the Noida Authority, however, the requisite groundwork still needs to be done.

For the last three years, residents of Noida have been demanding an FOB between sector 51 and 52 metro stations. In this regard they have written several letters to the Noida Authority and UP Chief Minister. On December 23, 2021, NMRC also released the news that the Noida Metro Rail Corporation is soon to make a FOB in between these stations and the tender for the same was to be released soon. Currently, people have to cover a distance of more than 700 meters on foot for travelling between the interchange stations.

According to reports, the FOB that was to be built between Sector 51 and 52 is now facing some troubles as a private company that has bought a plot in between these two stations is strongly opposing the decision of making FOB here.

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Brajesh Sharma, a resident of Antriksh Golf View 2, and a member of the 7x welfare team says, "There are many people from Noida and Delhi who interchange at this point. We are continuously seeking the seamless connection of 51 and 52 stations by writing to the officials. This bottleneck needs to be resolved as quickly as possible, then only NMRC can revive and flourish. Most of the time people get discouraged to interchange and use some alternative mode of transport". 

Unfortunately, this is not the only FOB that is yet to see the light of the day.

Amit Gupta, President, AOA, Prateek Wisteria, Sector 77, says, "Although the Noida Authority has approved the FOB near Sector 59 metro station, its work is yet to start. It will take 15 to 20 days for the work to start, and at least 3 to 4 months for the completion of the FOB. Till then, people have no other option but to struggle with the traffic jams every day. We are also demanding FOB for Sector 44 to the Botanical garden".

Apart from this, people are also questioning the location of existing FOBs in the city.

Dinesh Singh, a resident of Homes 121 society, sector 121, says, "In 2019, we demanded shifting of the foot over bridge in sector 120 to a suitable location in a residential area where it can be used by more pedestrians. The location of that FOB near Sector 120 was beyond our comprehension as hardly anyone lived there. However, that FOB was later shifted to another place. Currently the pedestrians of our sector 121 face a tough time while crossing the main road".