Single's Inferno, a new Korean reality show
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Single's Inferno, a new Korean reality show

It is the first South Korean reality show to make it into Netflixs top-ten list

Single's Inferno, a new Korean reality show

Good-looking singles are stranded on what appears to be a deserted island. I know what you're thinking—does the world really need yet another beachy reality dating show, the answer is Yes!

K- culture has once again brought something interesting for its viewers, this time, it is not a mushy rom-com K drama, but an exciting reality show. Good looking singles come together looking for their better half. But here comes the catch: you cannot talk about your age and profession which is an important factor for anyone dating. You can only tell the person when you'll get the opportunity to have a date together, but before that, you have to decide who you'll go on a date with.

You must be wondering that we have seen something similar on Netflix; yes, you are right. There have been shows like this on Netflix, like "too hot to handle". But this show is slightly different from others.

Unlike its predecessors, Single's Inferno is low on action but high on emotional connection as the singletons compete for romantic dates while avoiding any explicit intimacy so far. This adds to the romantic tension.

There's already a lot of talk about Single's Inferno online, ranging from couple shipping, episode reactions and jokes about awkward encounters. It has even made it onto Netflix's global top ten non-English TV shows list.

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Korean singles mingle and play games on an island dubbed "Inferno" by the show, where life is reduced to the bare essentials of survival and romance. The name of the island is also interesting, as it refers to "large fire" and or "hell".

The contestants must prepare their own food and collect water for consumption due to the limited resources available on the island amidst the scorching heat.

Along with these feisty elements, contestants are rewarded for good conduct. When contestants successfully pair up, they are flown to a luxury hotel (aptly named Paradise) for an intimate date night.

Single's Inferno is all about dramatic love triangles and cheesy slow-mo montages included—but it's also an extraordinary blend of spicy reality TV and wholesome Korean variety shows.

Quickly, it has become the first South Korean reality show to ever make it into Netflix's top-ten list of TV shows watched universally, and it showed us just how much can change over nine days.

If you want to find what is happening in this super exciting show, go on and tune into this asap! Get a sneak peek through the trailer-