Noida: Paste reflective tape on your vehicles to avoid Rs 10,000 fine
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Noida: Paste reflective tape on your vehicles to avoid Rs 10,000 fine

The police has also pasted reflective tapes on barricades and pillars.

Noida: Paste reflective tape on your vehicles to avoid Rs 10,000 fine

Noida: Due to the often foggy road conditions being seen nowadays, the visibility on the roads is poor, further worsening the traffic and road safety situation on the roads of Noida.   As per the GB Nagar's traffic police records, 798 road accidents happened in 2021 and 368 people lost their lives. To avoid accidents in such conditions, Noida traffic police has started to paste reflective tapes on vehicles, barricades and pillars. 

The police has also made it mandatory for vehicles to have reflective tapes on, failing which, a fine of rupees 10,000 might be imposed. To boost this initiative  and to spread awareness among commuters, Gautam Budha Nagar's traffic police conducted a drive pasting reflective tapes on the DND Flyway toll plaza. 

Brajesh Kumar, a daily commuter from Noida to Delhi Via DND Flyway says, "It is a very good initiative by the Noida police. Last year, we also started this initiative under the banner of the 7X welfare association. As we all know the situation of DND Flyway, the roads are broken and the lights are not working. In such a scenario, the reflectors will help us a lot. Noida police should also paste reflectors on the road or on speed breakers which will be a great help in improving visibility during night."

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Rajesh Sahay, General Secretary NOFAA says, "I appreciate this effort by Gautam Buddha Nagar Police to avoid accidents during this foggy weather. They have selected the hot spots of accidents and pasted radium red yellow colour reflective tapes on walls, trees & dividers to make accident prone points & Zone clearly visible while driving. It would definitely bring down the number of accidents during these difficult weather conditions."

Route Diversions 

For the heavy vehicles, the Gautam Budh Nagar police has diverted the routes from Noida to Delhi due to Republic day parade rehearsals. The  vehicles should follow the new route by taking U-turn from DND Flyway, Kalindi Kunj and Chilla border. Moreover, these vehicles can use Eastern Peripheral Expressway for reaching their destination.