Here is our pick of the best cafes in Ghaziabad
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Here is our pick of the best cafes in Ghaziabad

These cafes are all about good vibes, pleasing ambience and interesting food

Here is our pick of the best cafes in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad might be an attractive place for people looking for comfortable residential apartments but when you live in such a highly developed place you will crave for a nice outing too. Ghaziabad is developing in every aspect whether its residential apartments, shopping malls, plotted colonies or munch inn places. Today we are here to introduce you to the best cafes in Ghaziabad which can definitely steal your heart with their themes and make you crave for their amazing delicacies.

Café Wink

Credits: Restaviews

Café Wink is an Italian restaurant/cafe with elegant continental dining experience in a glass walled place overlooking the street. The ambience is quite interesting and pleasing to the eye. Café wink located in Ghaziabad is a really popular hangout/ date place with the youngsters. Some of the popular dishes of the café are BBQ Spaghetti, BBQ Lasagna, brownie twist shake, veg omelet, tiramisu frappe and spaghetti arribada among others. All this comes at an  affordable price. This place is known for Christmas décor, peaceful ambience and good quality food.

The Reader's Café


The name Reader's Cafe, would give away the speciality of this cafe. Yes, it is about books. A soothing place with decent ambience, good food and a lot of books! Yes, you heard it right, a café with pizzas, pastas, burgers with wood-panelled space with bookshelves filled with books. This place is for all the reading enthusiasts out there, who are looking for a sweet corner with good food and books. It is located in Indirapuram Habitat centre, Ahinsa khand 1. A variety of fast food is served here with an impeccable taste.

Woods Café

Credits: Venulook

A beautiful café located in the midst of trees, the Woods Cafe is all you'll want for a nice party. Café located in Indira Priyadarshani, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad surrounded by woods and a beautiful outside lawn area for outdoor parties and gatherings. Café serves different cuisines and offers great quality food. This place is perfect if you want to spend some time around a decent ambience.

The Hipsters Café

Credits: LBB

The Hipsters Café Ghaziabad is an elegant café with a touch of hippie culture in it. It is quite popular amongst the youngsters. Located in Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad it serves many different and popular fast-food dishes. Some of them are peri peri fries, cheese sandwich and chai. The place has a lot to offer with good options in food and fancy crowd theme.