DD RWA demands alcohol test of security guards in Gautam Buddha Nagar
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DD RWA demands alcohol test of security guards in Gautam Buddha Nagar

Theft cases are on the rise across many sectors.

DD RWA demands alcohol test of security guards in Gautam Buddha Nagar

In order to strengthen security arrangements in Gautam Buddha Nagar, DD-RWA (District Development Resident Welfare Association) has written a letter to the Police Commissioner on February 14, 2022, requesting to conduct mandatory breath analyzer test/alcohol tests of security guards at the sector gates during the night patrols.

As per DD-RWA, after 11:00 pm or 12:00 pm, many security guards of Gautam Buddha Nagar consume alcohol while on duty. RWAs are not aware of these problems while theft cases are on the rise across many sectors.

CitySpidey talked to residents from various sectors of Gautam Buddha Nagar to know about their views on this suggestion.

Sanjeev Sharma, DD-RWA, Vice president from Noida sector 51, says, “The police PCR should visit every sector at night. It should be made mandatory for all the security guards to take the breath analyzer/alcohol test. With this practice, security guards will be more alert during duty and the crime graph of the district will also go down.”

Rajesh Kher(55), another resident from Noida sector 51 says “It is a good step taken by the DDRWA as the residents cannot be alert all the time. Sometimes, when I go for walks after dinner, I notice that some security guards are not on watch but involved in personal activities. Security guards are also not well trained. There should be a surprise check for security guards randomly among all sectors."

Vijaypal Satia(72), a resident says, “This practise should be mandatory because it is a must. Most of the guards drink and sleep in their cabin which is not acceptable. In my point of view, police should perform weekly checks on the guards randomly at different timings. This will create alertness and guards will refrain from consuming alcohol on duty."

Punnet Sharma, AOA president of ADITYA society says, “If security personnel are consuming alcohol, it is a security threat for the residents. Essentially, RWAs and AOAs do not have the right kind of equipment to do alcohol tests. This equipment is only available with the police authority. Thus, it is very genuine that we ask for support from the police department, which should be provided across societies and sectors. However, the step should be taken as a safety measure and not become a harassment exercise.”

On the point of the alcohol test, CitySpidey also talked with the security guard, Sonu Singh says, “We must protect the area but if we are not even able to handle ourselves, how will we protect others. I do not consume and I want to give my advice to all my fellow guard friends to not consume it while on duty."