Tips to spring-up your home
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Tips to spring-up your home

Welcome the spring with a home make over, here are a few tips for you

Tips to spring-up your home

It's time to say goodbye to the breezy winter and welcome brighter and longer sunny days of spring. This season has something special and rejuvenating about it. Just as it marks the change in the weather, it is also time to make your home spring-ready.

Although, sometimes it becomes very difficult to decide on where one should start. So if you are trying to give a makeover to your home this spring season, you should keep reading the article for some spectacular spring home decor ideas.

Use light fabrics:

Now it's time to pack up all your rugs and faux fur blankets. Replace it with lighter fabrics like cotton or linen clothes. This will make your room look bigger and brighter. If you wish to make your home look a little colourful, decorate it with some pop colours.

Add some greenery:

It is hard to maintain greenery around you with a busy lifestyle and congested small homes, but adding them to your room can instantly hype up your surroundings. You can try to decorate your room with indoor plants which require less attention & maintenance. They not only add beauty but also improve the air quality resulting in a better respiratory system. You can always use some flowers to decorate home walls.

Display what you love:

If you love to paint, flaunt it on your walls. Displaying your art on your walls does not only add colours to your home but also motivates you. Moreover, if you are not travelling this spring season, decorate your walls with your travelling photos and pretend to be on the journey.

Try new doormats:

If you want to smile every time you enter your home, change your doormats. Add some bright and cheerful colours and decorate your entry with plants.

Enjoy bright colours:

Spring is the time of rebirth of the leaves on the trees. It is the season when the flowers bloom and the butterflies flutter. It is the season of colours. So, welcome this season by changing the lighting in your house. Add some brighter shades. You can also use some decorative lighting and lamps.

Declutter your surroundings, use decorative baskets and use extra space carefully. Try out these new ways to decorate your home and let us know your experience in the comment section.