Dwarka Sector 8: Perilous blind turn puts commuters at risk
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Dwarka Sector 8: Perilous blind turn puts commuters at risk

Two accidents have taken place on this road over the last week

Dwarka Sector 8: Perilous blind turn puts commuters  at risk

Dwarka: A blind turn near Dwarka Sector-8 is causing many problems for nearby residents and commuters. A man was injured in a road accident on Wednesday, March 30, 2022, after his bike almost crashed into an E-Rickshaw near Dwarka sector – 8. The blind turn is located at the backside of the main road and is an important road for people travelling from Palam and Raj Nagar to Shahabad Mohammad Pur and Dwarka sector 8.

The 40-year-old man Pramod Kumar, a resident of Bagdola, a nearby urban village, was returning home from the nearby market area when his bike crashed with an e-rickshaw. Area residents who were present at the time of the accident informed that the victim was taken to the nearby hospital where he was treated. As gathered, the victim's left elbow broke in the crash. An investigation has been started by the local police.

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“I was driving my rickshaw at a very slow speed but the bike which was coming from the other direction was overspeeding and crashed into my rickshaw. This happened because of the blind turn near the road. I tried to apply the emergency brake but the bike crashed.” says Rajeev Jha, driver and a resident of Raj Nagar.

Ravi Kumar, son of the victim says, “Papa never over speeds and always rides with full caution. We thank god that no one is gravely injured. However, this blind turn is a big problem for everyone who travels on this road. We don't know at which speed and how many vehicles are coming from the other direction. This can cause accidents."

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Ajay Bishnoi, resident of Raj Nagar pocket 2, “This is a blind turn. We face problems because the street light does not work properly here. The main road is always lit up and the backside is completely dark after 6 pm. In winters, the situation gets worse because of fog and cold."

As gathered by the local police and nearby residents, a similar accident also took place at the same spot a week ago. A car hit a bicycle and ran away. The victim in the previous incidents was also injured.

Usha, 45, a regular commuter on this road says, “This was the second accident in the last 4-5 days. At least a traffic mirror should be placed at the turn so that people could see the vehicles coming from the opposite direction. A speed breaker should be constructed at the turn. So, the speed of the vehicle gets slower before the turn."

Area residents and commuters informed that they have filed a complaint with the authorities concerned regarding the repair of the street light, construction of a speed breaker, and placement of a traffic mirror near the turn.