Noida residents react to increasing fuel prices
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Noida residents react to increasing fuel prices

The impact of increasing fuel prices will be felt in other sectors

Noida residents react to increasing fuel prices

Noida: The petrol prices seem to be increasing every day. The petrol prices in Noida were 103.45 on April 3, 2022, 104.65 on April 5, 2022, and 105.45 on April 7, 2022. As gathered, this everyday increase in the petrol prices will not only affect the daily commuter but its impact will also be felt in other household sectors.

Kajal Singh, resident of sector 44 says, “I think the main reason behind the petrol price hike in India is the excise duty imposed by the government on it. With central and state government tax, it constitutes 50% tax. So, if this tax is reduced, the people of India can get petrol at a cheaper price and government should take a serious view towards this problem.”

Rahul Ahuja, Social Activist, Sharp NGO and resident of Pari chowk Greater Noida says, "I have to travel for more than 25kms every day from Pari chowk Greater Noida to Pari Chowk in central Noida. The fuel cost is coming out to be 2500 per week. Work cannot be avoided, but the cost has increased so much that now, one has to plan before going out for fun."

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Pankaj Dwivedi, resident of SKA Greenarch, Greno West says, “I don't know the root cause of hike of Petrol prices. Is it because of the hike in crude oil internationally or our govt policy? But it is for sure that this is making my monthly finances imbalanced. Before 2 years prices were approx 77-78 and now it is 105 plus."

He continues, "A near 45% hike in petrol prices will certainly affect other life aspects. Salaries were not increased during Corona. I do a marketing and sales job. I have to travel daily to the market. With this kind of hike, I am unable to manage my monthly expenses. School fees were already there to kill our budget and now the petrol prices have increased to an extent of causing stress."

Vikram Sethi, Resident of sector 15 A, Noida says, “Owing to the increase in prices of fuel, the cost of daily commodities such as grains, pulses and vegetables have also increased. Due to the increase in the cost of petrol and gas, the budget of the house gets spoiled."

Bhawna Gaur, resident of Gaur city says, "Price inflation is all-time high due to regular increase in petrol diesel price. It's impacting our daily needs. The price of vegetables, milk and other groceries are increasing due to fuel price increases. Salary is fixed and we need to manage accordingly. As a cyclist, I would suggest fuel is too expensive, change your pump. Choose cycling instead."

Vikash Kaityar, resident of Spring Meadows, Noida extension says, "When the petrol rates spikes, the price of daily needs items also increases. I am concerned about the middle-class group, how will they bear this, after bearing the huge loss in Covid times."

Rajiva Singh, Resident of Stellar kings court sector 50 says, “The steep rises in fuel prices have badly impacted the common man. We need to now think more about sharing our resources for commuting. Commuting to work can be a group activity. Also, the government should bring in more incentives on EVs and build better infrastructure for EVs like charging stations etc.”

Sandeep Gupta, a resident of Nirala Aspire says, “It was expected and nothing was hidden due to the ongoing war. However, it is impacting our daily commute and expenses, and the budget for running the household. But we have no other choice but to bear with the situation. We have to support our government keeping in mind the ongoing situation.”


Avnish  Verma
Avnish Verma
772 Days Ago
It is due to international issue, Gov is doing their best. We are best in comparison to Pak, Srilanka even Britain 's present situation.