Noida: Test blast of the Supertech Twin Towers to take place today
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Noida: Test blast of the Supertech Twin Towers to take place today

Residents are requested to stay indoors and not to use the common areas

Noida: Test blast of the Supertech Twin Towers to take place today

Noida: Supertech Twin Towers, which includes Apex 32 floors and Ceyane 29 floors will be demolished as per Supreme court orders on May 22, 2022. A trial blast will be carried out on Sunday, April 2022 10, Sunday at 2.30 pm. An advisory has been issued requesting all residents to remain inside their apartments and refrain from standing on their balconies between 2.15 pm to 2.45 pm.

This test will further let all concerned parties know the loopholes and the specific area they need to focus on. It will also help in determining the exact quantity of explosives required for the main blast to bring down the two high rise towers.

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The test explosion will be a 10-minute activity and residents of the surrounding areas won’t have to evacuate. However, they are requested to stay indoors and not to use the common areas. Experts will charge four to five columns with the explosives. The test blast will occur at 2:30 pm. After this, all roads will be opened.

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Utkarsh Mehta, CEO and partner, of Edifice Engineering, the demolition group which has been handed over the responsibility for the Twin towers demolitions says,

Utkarsh Mehta 
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“The advisory is for residents’ safety. The police will form a perimeter and we expect that residents of Emerald Court and ATS Village to not be around the common areas for the given time."

Luv Kumar, Joint Commissioner of Police says, “It is just a test blast, not a real blast, there is no need to panic. On the 14th floor, 400 grams of explosive will be used and in the basement 300 grams. Then we will see the impact. This is a test so that we can understand the actual amount of explosives to be used, the building will not be collapsed. We have asked the nearby societies to remain indoors. On the 14th floor, we will do a trial in the centre and everything will be covered with geotextile cloth so that no sand particle gets scattered."

Traffic will also remain suspended on the stretch outside the twin towers for 30 minutes (from 2.15 pm to 2.45 pm). While traffic police will provide security and cordon off the area, emergency services such as fire tenders and ambulances will also be kept on standby. Additionally, teams from the Noida authority, Supertech Group, pollution department and Central Building Research Institute (CBRI) will also be present near the site during Sunday’s trial blast.

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The Supertech twin towers built inside the Emerald Court cover an area of 50 thousand square meters, both the towers are built in nine thousand square meters. The buildup area of both the towers is 750 lakh square feet.

Once the blast is executed, a report will be prepared within a week, giving details related to the kind and quantity of explosives that will be needed for the demolition of the entire twin towers next month.

Meanwhile, the managing director of Jet Demolitions, Joseph Brinkmann, will also be present along with the firm’s security head, Marthinus Botha. Sirens will sound so that people stay inside the house.

CitySpidey reached the site and had a conversation with the demolishin experts from Edifice Engineering, We met the CEO and the project manager and learnt some important details.

Utkarsh Mehta, CEO and partner, Edifice Engineering says, “The whole team of Edifice Engineering and in collaboration with Jet Demolition from South Africa are conducting a test explosion of the Supertech twin towers in Noida on April 10 at 2.30 pm on April 10, 2022. Before the main blast in May, we are doing a trial blast so that we may know what quantity of explosives we would need on the day of actual demolition."

He continues, "We are expecting 2500 kg to 4000 kg of explosives but the final quantity will be known only after the test blast. We have to take care that the debris does not spread, for that, we will be limiting the use of explosives."

Mayur Mehta, Project Manager explains,

Mayur Mehta
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“We have come from Mumbai. The explosives will be put on Sunday morning. The test explosion will be conducted on two floors. Columns have been selected in the basement and on the 14th floor. The wire mesh will be wrapped around the columns and inside it, the explosives will be kept. ”

On people getting scared about the demolition, he says, “There is no reason to be scared. No one will be affected by this demolition. I have 11 years of experience in demolition and 22 years of experience in construction. Residents must know that it is our utmost responsibility to take care of not only their lives but also their property and future."

On asking what are the safety measures have been taken by the experts apart from fire extinguishers and an ambulance parked nearby Utkarsh Mehta says,“For the test blast there no need to take any major care as this is a very small quantum of the blast we are expecting, but for the final blast, we will be covering buildings such as ATS and other four building near the twin towers in the Emerald Court with the geotextile cloth, which controls the dust. We will have a demolition driveway where we will put tyres, and wooden planks for the safety of the closest B1- (basement 1) we call it Berms in our language, they are made of concrete and they arrest the vibrations which may come when we do the demolition. On the main road of this ground, we will do the trenches, it will be like, digging out one meter and then leaving the next one meter and then digging the one, so that the vibrations cut and do not move ahead. We will measure these vibrations with the help of a team from IIT Chennai."

He continues, "The planning is so far so optimum that there is no chance of anyone getting harmed, we are confident about our work, and we are all set to do our task right. By August, the work will be complete from the demolition to the collection of the debris".