7 foods for healthy liver
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7 foods for healthy liver

Blueberries are high in polyphenols, which may help protect you against fatty liver disease

7 foods for healthy liver

The liver is among the most important organs of the human body. A healthy lifestyle is essential for taking care of the liver which is responsible for better body functioning. Our liver produces bile, which converts fats into energy, protein and blood plasmas. As we all know, eating right and healthy food is very important for our body. But do you know there is some food which can boost the health of your liver?

Here are some foods which are good for your liver:


Fibre-rich food can assist your liver in performing at its best. Try oatmeal as a breakfast option. According to many doctors, it can help you lose weight and abdominal fat, which is a smart approach to avoiding liver disease. So, adding oats to your diet can provide your body with many health benefits and also makes your liver strong.

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Eating green vegetables is high in potassium. If you want a healthy liver, eat a lot of vegetables. Broccoli is one of the vegetables which is very healthy and now people are choosing this over cauliflower. According to certain researchers, this crunchy green meal can help prevent fatty liver disease. You can also eat broccoli as a healthy salad. You can have boiled broccoli sprinkled with almonds and cranberries.


Every coffee lover knows many benefits of coffee but do you know coffee is good for the liver too? The addiction or consuming caffeine in high amounts is not good also. But drinking two-three cups of coffee per day can protect your liver from damage caused by a poor diet. And also helps in reducing the chances of liver cancer.

Green Tea

As compared to your normal milk tea, green tea is more beneficial for your body. Green tea may protect your liver against certain types of liver diseases, including liver cancer. If you make your tea and drink it hot, you'll get more catechins, a compound that assists in liver health.

Vijay Dixit, a Delhi-based Hepatologist says, "Green tea has many benefits and if a person who is suffering from a problem like fatty liver or their liver swells easily should eat well and healthy. If anyone is facing any liver-related problem, he or she should swap their normal tea with green tea. Green tea can help you in losing extra calories and also remove toxic elements from your body."


Staying hydrated is a solution to many problems. And water also helps you in maintaining a healthy weight and this is one of the best things you can do for a healthy liver. Try to drink more and more water instead of soft cold drinks with added unhealthy sugar and sodas. You'd be surprised how many calories you will stop consuming per day.


Nuts, especially almonds, are enriched with Vitamin E, an element that protects against fatty liver disease. Almonds are also excellent for your heart and make your memory strong. So, do add this nut to your everyday diet and see the changes. Also if you don't want to eat them directly you can add them to your shakes, salads, and oatmeal.


Blueberries are high in polyphenols, which may help protect you against fatty liver disease, frequently associated with obesity and high cholesterol. If you don't want to eat blueberries, you can add dark chocolate, plums, amla, and olives to your diet as these are also rich in polyphenols.

Hepatologist Dixit says, "Blueberries have many health benefits and it is true that adding blueberries to your diet can protect your liver from a problem like fatty liver and other problems. For people who are suffering from diabetes and liver problems, this fruit can do wonders as blueberries also help in maintaining the sugar level of your body."