K-drama actors who haven't aged a day
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K-drama actors who haven't aged a day

Hyun Bin clearly has timeless good looks that have remained untouched by time.

K-drama actors who haven't aged a day

K-beauty is widely appreciated for its flawless and non-ageing factors worldwide. The Hallyu wave has made a prominent place in the hearts of the people. If you haven't considered K-beauty in your skincare routine, now is the time to do so. The Koreans (especially K-drama actors) certainly know a thing or two about anti-ageing that we don't. After all, the Hallyu wave's biggest stars have been mysteriously defying time by appearing just as young today as they did when they first debuted. Here's some evidence:

Hyun Bin

Credit: Forbes

Any mention of Hyun Bin these days conjures up images of his brilliant performance in 'Crash Landing on You', but don't forget about his role in the hit 2004 drama 'My Lovely Sam Soon'. Hyun Bin clearly has timeless good looks that have remained untouched by time. His recent wedding pictures prove that the star hasn't aged a bit and has continued to charm everyone with his looks.

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Lee Min-Ho

Credit: Pixels

How can we forget his breakout role in Boys over flowers? It was officially his era. Every girl at that moment credited him as his crush. Fast forward thirteen years and he's still stealing hearts with shows like The King: Eternal Monarch, which has broken records and his recent release, Pachinko, where he looks breathtaking.

Gong Yoo

Credit: Soompi

Gong Yoo's role as the charming barista in Coffee Prince (2007) has been over a decade in the making, but it is his ability to create a global sensation with a mere cameo in Squid Game that makes him special. Our favourite Goblin is one of the best Korean actors known for his looks and impeccable acting skills. We all love Gong you way too much; just like his fictional character goblin didn't age in the drama, in real life also, he doesn't age at all.

Lee Dong-Wook

Credit: Kdramastars

It's difficult to talk about Gong Yoo without mentioning Lee DongWook, his favourite grim reaper from Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016). The lithe frame he flaunted in Bad and Crazy (2021) may make it difficult to comprehend that he made his K-drama debut in 1999.

Song Joong-Ki


Song Joong-Ki rose to fame 12 years ago in the historical coming-of-age drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010). Still, his elixir of youth doesn't appear to have worn off yet, as he retains his fresh-faced charm whether he's portraying a rogue soldier in Descendants of the Sun (2016) or a merciless Italian consigliere in Vincenzo.