Best Song Joong-Ki shows and movies to watch
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Best Song Joong-Ki shows and movies to watch

The most famous K- Drama by Song Joong, Descendants of the Sun, is a 2016 army romantic drama

Best Song Joong-Ki shows and movies to watch

We cannot get over the charm of Song Joong-Ki. He can play anything to perfection, be it a classy Mafia or our favourite Special Forces officer. He truly is worthy of all the praise and applaud. If you also want to experience the magic of Song Joong Ki on screen, here are a few shows and films you can watch -

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

This drama is set in Korea's Joseon era, when women were not allowed to step outside their premises to study. The character played by Park Min-young is admitted to a prestigious institute under the guise of her brother. Song Joong-ki plays a mischievious classmate who is continually bothering her. This drama is cheerful and distinct from his last plays, and he rose to prominence due to his tremendous and amusing performance.

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The is Song Joong Ki's recent action drama released in 2021. In this drama, he showed an impressive change in both image and acting style with an exciting plot and many twists; Song Joong Ki had made a comeback to the small screen when Vincenzo became a massive hit across the South Korean boundaries. Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki) – is a good looking lawyer who is also a mafia consigliere. With his intelligence and decisive efforts, he became a threat in the eyes of his rivals. Vincenzo performed outstanding ratings and entered the Top 10 highest-rated dramas in history.

Descendants of the Sun

The most famous K- Drama by Song Joong, Descendants of the Sun, is a 2016 blockbuster army romantic drama. It's the story of a physician and a Special Forces officer falling in love. Kang Mo Yeon is a confident and attractive cardiothoracic surgeon who is not hesitant to accept her errors. When she meets Yoo Shi Jin, the Captain and team leader of Alpha Team, her life is changed forever. He is more concerned with safeguarding anyone in need of assistance and his country, even if it goes against his superiors' orders. Song Hye Kyo plays Kang Mo Yeon.

Innocent Man

The 2012 melodrama tells the narrative of Kang Ma Roo, a man who has been betrayed by his love, Han Jae Hee. Ma Roo begins to engage in self-indulgence years after the tragedy. He put his health on hold for his girlfriend, only to discover that she had moved on and married another man for money. As a result, he sets out to seek vengeance. However, he falls in love with Seo Eun-gi, a chilly, business-savvy chaebol heiress who also happens to be the daughter of the man Jae-hee married. Moon Chae Won and Park Shi Yeon play the lead roles in the drama.

A werewolf boy

This is another project that showcased Song Joong Ki's acting prowess. It is a romantic fantasy movie. More like a Korean Tarzan remake, Song Joong Ki played the nature of a wild boy who is found shut in a barn and has never interacted with humans. A distinct look than the ones you've seen, Song Joong Ki, this show is a definite watch for not just his fans but also for people who love romantic K-Dramas!

The Battleship Island

This film is for you if you enjoy Song Joong Ki in a historical role. With rugged appearance and action scenes, you'll be reminded of the actor in a role comparable to his character in 'Descendants of the Sun.' During World War II, Imperial Japan colonised Korea, and the fight to escape Hashima Island is depicted in this shownovel. Song Joong Ki's acting prowess is again on display in this film.