YSS Foundation and 7X Welfare organise awareness camp
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YSS Foundation and 7X Welfare organise awareness camp

YSS Foundation has dedicated May 2022 as a month to spread awareness on environmental protection

YSS Foundation and 7X Welfare organise awareness camp

Noida: YSS Foundation and the 7X Traffic Welfare team created awareness of road safety and environmental protection at Shailja School, Sector 44, Noida on May 21, 2022.

YSS Foundation, a Ngo in Noida has dedicated May 2022 as a month to spread awareness on environmental protection among children. They are organizing different competitions such as talent hunts based on this theme to motivate children to think about environmental protection.

Sachin Gupta, founder of YSS Foundation explained to us that YSS is working on different objectives for holistic development in Noida. These include Swastha Noida(health check-up of children), promotion of talent among underprivileged children, cleanliness programs and rural development.

The children participated enthusiastically and the winners received prizes. Children made pictures and models on environmental protection. Associate members of YSS Sonu Yadav, Akash Prajapati, Mahesh Kumar, Pankaj Mishra, Rakesh Sharma, Sonia Kashyap, Ritika Rawat, Neeraj Srivastava, Durga Prasad Dubey, Saraswati Mandal, Kiran Mishra and all the students of the school were present.

Sachin Gupta, Founder of YSS Foundation says, “We have created a city for ourselves by cutting down trees, forests but what about nature? We all must take a vow today to plant trees, protect them, and keep water at our homes for birds."

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Members of 7X Welfare, a group of volunteers who actively work towards road safety in Noida also became part of the event. Shreya Sharma, 7X Welfare Traffic Volunteer and Social Activist talked about the mission of 'Each one, plant one. She said that we must all celebrate occasions by planting a tree. Noida is slowly losing its green cover which can pose a danger during monsoons.

About the event, she says, "In today's technology-driven world, children are slowly becoming very detached from nature. There is a need to bring them back to nature through such initiatives."

Apart from this, Yashpal Singh, Traffic Police and Wing Commander BS Bakshi from the 7X Welfare Team explained road safety rules to the students so that they could be alert themselves and make people around them aware. Children were taught the right way of crossing the road and safety measures to take while cycling.

Pravesh Sharma, Principal, of Shailja Convent School says, "Schools must not only give academic knowledge but inculcate intellectual and social knowledge in their students, as these qualities make them responsible citizens of the country."