Crime thrillers to see on Netflix in June 2022
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Crime thrillers to see on Netflix in June 2022

Peaky Blinders season 06 will release on 10th June on Netflix

Crime thrillers to see on Netflix in June 2022

Crime Thrillers is one of the most loved genres, especially on OTT. Apart from gruesome graphics and a compelling and thrilling story, these shows and movies give us an insight to what actually goes on in the mind of a criminal. If you are into crime and thrillers, here are a few shows and movies you can watch on Netflix this June-

She Season 02- June 17

This show created a lot of buzz when it came out and rightfully so. It is a thrilling tale of Bhumi, an undercover cop. The second season of this show will drop on June 17 and don't you forget to tune in and see whether Bhumi sides with the crime or the police.

Intimacy -June 10

This upcoming Spanish show is about four women who are caught up to tread the line between what should and shouldn't be made available to public. It will be released on Netflix on June 10 and from the trailer, it looks quite promising.

Peaky blinders season 6 - 10 June

The show which we all have been eagerly waiting for, Peaky Blinders are all set to return to our screens this June. This English crime drama follows the story of Peaky Blinders, a gang of criminals. Everything about this show, from the accent to the elaborate sets, screams ICONIC.

The little things

This scary dark, as well as mysterious web series, will premiere on  19th June on Netflix. The show revolves around a detective and a sheriff who work together to track a serial killer. But, what if their personal  differences come in the way?

First Kill - June 10

Well, if you are a vampire lover, then this new conflict tale is going to be number 01 on your list of shows to watch. What happens when a vampire falls in love with a vampire hunter when both are ready to make their first kill? First Kill, the newest original series from  Netflix will premiere on 10th June with eight brand-new episodes.