Residents await the construction of Advent Underpass
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Residents await the construction of Advent Underpass

Due to the slow construction, the residents are scuffling daily with many kinds of problems

Residents await the construction of Advent Underpass

Noida: To ease the flow of traffic on the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, the Noida Authority promised the construction of new Advent underpass. However, the construction work is happening at a dead slow pace, troubling residents further.

Due to the slow construction, the residents are scuffling daily with many kinds of problems related to daily commute and safety.

On February 18, 2021, CEO Noida Authority tweeted that she invigilated the ongoing construction work of Advent Underpass, which will be connecting Sector 142 to Sec 168. She also said that 25% of the work has been done and the construction should be completed as per the schedule by September 2021.

The currently in use Advent underpass, between Noida- Greater Noida Expressway in-between Sector 142 and Sector 168, is troubling residents. The way to reach this underpass is potholes ridden and no road is constructed there. The right-hand side road is closed for the construction purpose and the rest area is the greenbelt, which is also closed.

Residents allege that because the construction of the new underpass is slow, it is causing them delay to reach there destinations on daily basis. Till now, to go from one side of Noida-Greater Noida to the other, one had to either go around 4 to 5 km long or pass through the already built underpass, however, that road witnessed frequent traffic jams, as alleged by the commuters.

While the construction of the new underpass is supposed to be completed by September 2021, residents are alleging that it's June 2022, and still, there is no significant development in the project.

Vinay Sehgal, a resident of Paras Seasons society, Sector 168, Noida says, "Due to the movement of vehicles on the rough road of about 100 meters towards the present Advent underpass, residents have to travel 6 km by vehicle to reach Panchsheel or other underpasses to reach the sector on the other side of the expressway. This issue is faced by common people, villagers, and pedestrians crossing the underpass including women, children, old people, security guards, maids, etc.''

Residents also allege that there water is not sprinkled on the construction site, causing dust pollution in the area.

Residents of Sector 168 also say that the area has become accident prone. Due to several potholes, the commuters often lose their balance and fall in the pits.

Residents of Sector 168 are continuously pleading with Noida Authority to construct the staircases to move from the green belt to Sector 168 so that the residents can securely transit here. It will also help the residents of Sector 135, 137, 141, 145, 168, and villages such as Shahdara, Chaproli, Mangroli, Dostpur, Wajidpur.

Sudha Balakrishnan, a resident of Paras Seasons says, “This underpass has created a lot of problems in our life. Yesterday, I fell while trying to cross the road. In rains, the mud is so slippery. We are suffering a lot."

She continues, "Whenever it rains, the road gets waterlogged. The water does not dry up quickly, it takes 5-6 days and then you have to climb that huge mud mountain to reach anywhere. The authority should complete the project and ease out the problem rather than increasing it".

Ganesh Pandey, a resident of Paras Seasons, Sector 168 says, “Due to this delayed construction and the pathetic condition of the road, people commute in opposite lanes as there is no other way. There is no light on the old underpass. After several complaints, they installed a light which was removed after three days.”

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Vinay Sehgal, another resident of Paras Seasons, Sector 168 says, “The small old underpass is unable to manage the pressure of traffic, the new one has not been completed yet, we are waiting for the update. The construction is also causing dust pollution. We want a way for the metro commuters. The employees of 135 and 168 are working in MNC's, and they often get late for the office often."

Kiran veer Singh, Senior Manager, Noida Authority, while talking about the issue says, “The work will start with full force by June 30th 2022. Residents need not to worry, as the construction will be done in speed. The construction is still going like, but after 30th June it will speed up as right now we are finishing the pending work of another underpass.”