Ajnara Homes- Scuffling with problems, residents continue protest
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Ajnara Homes- Scuffling with problems, residents continue protest

Water dripping from basement pipes has made it a breeding ground for mosquitoes

Ajnara Homes- Scuffling with problems, residents continue protest

GreNo West: Residents of Ajnara Homes, Sector 16B Greater Noida West have been protesting against their builder for the past half month. They allege that they are deprived of several basic amenities in society such as maintenance, structural safety and security. They also allege that they're facing economic and mental harassment by the builder. As gathered by residents, they tried to raise their concerns several times but did not receive any help from the builder's end. Thus, protesting becomes their only resort.

CitySpidey visited the society and contacted authorities to bring to you the ground reality.

Residents inform CitySpidey that APV Realty Limited is a subsidiary of Ajnara Limited Greater Noida West. It introduced its residential plan of Ajnara homes in the year 2010. They allege that possession of a few towers was given in the first phase from the year 2017 with half-completed infrastructures and poor facilities.

As per residents, maintenance services are very poor in society. As a result, common areas remain dirty and have faulty bulbs. Residents are scared of dengue, Zika virus and chikungunya ahead of monsoons. They are alleging that if the builder will not take proper attention to health and hygiene, it could be a potential risk for residents.

Apart from this, residents allege that the condition of basement parking is pathetic. Water dripping out from the pipes has accumulated in the basement, making it a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Residents allege that even after 5 of moving, both the basements are incomplete. They have been converted to garbage dumping sites where stray dogs roam. A resident who wishes to remain anonymous says, “Last month, a stray dog attacked my daughter. What can be done? No one has bothered to collect the garbage or solve water logging."

The families allege that there is only one kid's play area, which is in a deplorable condition. When we visited there, we saw a lot of construction materials such as broken tiles, granite, and broken commodes lying there. Residents raise that such a state of affairs makes it hazardous for children. Moreover, they express their concern over open shafts throughout society.

Residents also say that their lives are at risk as they have never seen any fire audit and claim that none of the fire equipment is in working condition. Moreover, they share that there is no security in society given by the builder. CitySpidey saw very limited security personnel available upon visiting.

Credits: CitySpidey

Residents also raise their voices against the irrational Fixed and Usage Charge of Electricity/DG. They allege that the builder is collecting unjustified charges of Electricity/DG. They allege that power was cut every day in the record-breaking summer and the ADG sets installed in the society are not running.

CitySpidey contacted Vaibhav Nagar, Junior Engineer, Health Department, Greater Noida Authority. He says, “My team will visit Ajnara Homes soon and we will check if there is any dump yard. We will impose a fine on the builder. And will get the anti-larva spray and fogging done soon.”

CitySpidey also contacted Rajiv Mishra, the Maintenance Manager of Ajnara homes. He says, “Soon the meeting will take place and the issues will be solved.”