Noida Authority launches Anti plastic drive
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Noida Authority launches Anti plastic drive

While many residents have appreciated this drive, some have also raised their doubts

Noida Authority launches Anti plastic drive

To ensure a smooth implementation of the single-use plastic ban in India, Noida Authority has launched an anti-plastic drive to make Noida single-use plastic-free. In a tweet, the CEO of Noida Authority urged residents to spread awareness about the ill effects of single-use plastic pollution on health and the environment and to promote the use of sustainable alternatives among their kin.

The ban on single-use plastic has come as a significant step to reduce pollution. The Centre has issued guidelines to the states for banning the use of select single-use plastics effectively from July 1, 2022. The guidelines mandate a ban on manufacturing, distribution, import, sale, stocking, and use of single-use plastic items such as glasses, plates, cutlery, cups, wrapping or packaging films, and PVC banners less than 100 micron, stirrers, and straws.

Cityspidey talked to a few Noida residents to know their views-

Sushil Kumar Jain, President of market association sector-18 says, " We are in support of the anti-plastic drive. If we talk about sector 18 market, most of the people don't use plastic, they use papers instead and we are trying to provide an alternative to the shopkeepers and others by distributing cloth bags."

Ashish Mittal, resident of sector 36 says, "We never use plastic bags as they are harmful to our surroundings. It destroys the natural ecosystem, pollutes our stormwater water drains and more. Not only I but also our children are discouraging the use of single-use plastic. We always carry our cloth bags to the market."

While many residents have appreciated this drive, some have also raised their doubts.

Replying to the tweet by CEO, Lokesh Chauhan, a Noida resident says, "Why are the Noida Authority and police not taking any action against the single-use plastic manufacturer, distributors. Such plastics can be found in any shop and weekly Bazar. Only hard action can resolve this big issue and the impact of this activity will be very less."

Rahul Jha, a resident of sector-78 says, "Plastic pollution in Noida is worsening day by day. All the authorities concerned and social service organizations run their campaign for 3 months in a year and another 9 months, plastic is used freely all over the market. It's not possible to get rid of plastic in this way."