Gurugram: Residents of Sector 15 riled due to overflowing sewer water
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Gurugram: Residents of Sector 15 riled due to overflowing sewer water

The overflowing sewer water is allegedly causing accidents in that area.

Gurugram: Residents of Sector 15 riled due to overflowing sewer water

Gurugram: The Civil Line Road in front of Chandan Nagar disposal, leading to the MG road in sector 15 part II, Gurugram, has become a tough spot for people to cross. For the past 4 months, allegedly, the spot has been witnessing submergence by sewer water because of the overflowing sewer line, causing inconvenience to commuters, residents, and shopkeepers. Even though the road hosts several commuters on a daily basis, and is home to various important commercial buildings and government offices, the mucky road has not caught the eye of the Municipal corporation of Gurugram (MCG).

According to the residents, sewer water from three manholes near the Chandan Nagar disposal overflows every time the pump is started to clear the sewer lines of nearby areas. One of these manholes is near the Chandan Nagar Disposable, one is near the State Bank, and the other one is on the back side of the Google office. The shopkeepers on that road also complain about the sewage water causing a foul smell, because of which they don't get many customers. Parallel to that manhole, there is an eatery. The waiter there, Nisar tells us, "We have no earnings due to this sewage water. Customers do not want to sit here because of the foul smell."

Not only the shopkeepers but also the residents of the nearby areas are suffering too due to this. Residents complain of drain water entering their houses. They also worry about the worsening of the condition when it rains. Amir Singh Yadav, President of Sector 15 Part II, Gurugram says, "It is not raining, still the condition of the sewer lines are like this. What would happen when it rains heavily."

Residents are also riled with the negligence of MCG. They allege that the MCG has given the contract of sewer line cleaning of the entire Gurugram to only one contractor. Allegedly, that contractor has only one machine for the sewer line cleaning, which is not adequate for the whole of Gurugram. Residents also say that what MCG workers do about the cleaning of sewer lines is nothing but a mere eyewash. Arun Bansal, Vice President of RWA, Sector 15 part II, Gurugram says, "In May 2022, after several complaints, the workers from MCG came with big machines, click pictures and that's it. No actual action has been taken till this date."

The overflowing sewer water is allegedly causing accidents in the area. The residents allege that due to the visibly black overflowing sewage, the commuters can't see the potholes on the roads, making the area accident prone. Deepchand Chaudhary, a resident of Sector 15, Gurugram, says, "Deep potholes are not visible due to the sewage water, which has caused many accidents of buses and autorickshaws. I lodged a complaint about it, but no actions have been taken."

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