GrenoWest- Bachelor's tenancy; a growing debate in high-rise societies
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GrenoWest- Bachelor's tenancy; a growing debate in high-rise societies

Several residents allege that bachelors misbehave with them, drink on society premises

GrenoWest- Bachelor's tenancy; a growing debate in high-rise societies

On the night of July 7, 2022, an incident took place in Supertech Ecovillage 1 which divided the community into two sects. One is strictly against the bachelors occupying flats on society premises while the other feels it is an arbitrary attack.

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Durgesh Pratap, Security Officer of Supertech Ecovillage while sharing the July 7, 2022 incident says, “A group of friends of a bachelor tenant arrived on the main gate of the society around 1 am in the night in a drunk state. They were not telling the flat number of their friend which is important for security reasons. When we did not open the barrier, they started fighting and soon, four bachelors came from the society and joined the fight. Our assistant security officer was injured in the incident. Our priority was to save the injured bleeding assistant security officer then."

Similar incidents in high-rise societies in Noida have resulted in a tussle between bachelors and resident families. Several residents allege that bachelors misbehave with them, drink on society premises and occupy kids' zones.

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Pankaj Dwivedi left his home in Nirala Aspire in the D5 tower after incidents of daily tussles with bachelors. He says, "I was facing many problems due to bachelor tenancy. They used to throw items such as kitchen waste, sanitary pads, and male contraceptives. I initiated a cleanliness drive in the society but eventually, I got tired and left the society."

Ranjana Suri Bhardwaj, resident of Supertech Ecovillage 1 says, “Certain bachelors sit in their cars and drink. Some of them also consume liquor in common areas. This makes me concerned for the safety of my daughter. How can we take care of our child in a building of 54 towers? The recent case of July 7 where a security officer got injured also proves that bachelors should not be allowed here."

Ranjana Suri Bhardwaj
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Sameer Bhardwaj, resident of Ecovillage 1 says, "We can accept bachelor tenancy if anyone can take guarantee of their behaviour. If anyone keeps a tenant, he should take a guarantee, that he will not drink, and will not harm as the guards were attacked recently by the bachelors."

Sheshmani Singh, a resident of Supertech Ecovillage 1 says, “Not all bachelors are of the same good mentality. However, many of the bachelors live in gangs, and there is no one to control them. This creates a problem. They bring their friends, drink, dance, and fight with guards. This just disturb the peace and decorum of the society.”

Kapil Khare, resident of Nirala Greenshire says, “Owners who do not live here rent it to bachelors. These bachelors accommodate their friends on a sharing basis. The problem is they flout norms and do not take care of society. They roam in the night at 3 am, throw wine bottles, and play loud music at 10 pm. The maintenance agencies of the housing societies also remain upset with bachelors because of this."

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Some people have a mixed opinion on this issue. Dinesh Rana, a resident of Radha Sky Garden says, “Our notice board reads Bachelor tenancy not allowed. Misbehaviour cannot be allowed, but we cannot ask them to leave as there is no legal binding. And as there is no AOA body, we can not do anything, rather than save ourselves from getting in an odd fight with them. Somewhere, we also find it a bit arbitrary to stop them from moving in just because they are not married. It is a sensitive topic."

However, there are also many residents of Greater Noida west who say that they do not have a problem.

Manish Kumar, Vice President of NEFOWA says, “I have no problem with bachelor's tenancy. There is no rule as such that bachelors cannot accommodate the societies where families live. The stickers have been affixed by the builders.

Manish Kumar
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He continues, "I think the issue has been blown out of proportion. Besides, what is the guarantee of a married couple that they would behave? The thing is that everyone needs to be civilised which applies to married couples as well."

Alok Kumar Tiwari, a resident of Fusion Homes says, “Bachelors are also human beings. In our society, there is no such rule against bachelor tenancy. We were bachelors too a few years back."

In this controversy, we contacted the maintenance officers and tried to know how much are they aware of the problems of their residents and the bachelor's situation and tried to find out a solution.

Manoj Saraswat, Maintenance Manager, Shri Radha Sky Garden Greater Noida West. He says, “Many owners wish to rent out their flat to the bachelors. In this case, the responsibility of the property is 100 % of the owner. In such cases whenever there is damage to the property of any kind, we fall back on the agreement which we make with the owner when he or she decides to give the flat on rent to bachelors.”

Amir Azmi, Facility Head, Nirala Aspire, Greater Noida West. He says, “We do not allow the bachelor tenants. Still, if they reside inside, what can be done! The problem is that the brokers submit documents saying that the families live here. Later it turns out to be a bachelor. When we meet them during shifting and settling periods, parents say to us we will live together, and after that parents are nowhere."

We also reached out to the bachelors to know their views on this.

Ameer Haider, a Bachelor tenant in Supertech Oxford Square says, "We are three brothers living here in rented accommodation for more than a year. We enjoy it, we do everything from partying to coming late and calling friends at home, but we also take care that no one gets disturbed. This is a low-rise society and so we keep music low. It is the ethical duty of every resident to follow the community rules. I do not think there is a need for notices."

Yash Kumar, Bachelor tenant in Gulshan Bellina says, "I simply do not understand the noise around this. Everyone has the freedom to live as per their rules. Why are high-rise society bodies binding us? Have they ever looked at what some of the other 'families' do? They spit in common areas and fight. However, the bodies only target the bachelors."