GreNo West: Cases of stray cattle attacks on rise, residents demand action
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GreNo West: Cases of stray cattle attacks on rise, residents demand action

A lady was killed by cattle while she was going for grocery shopping on April 16, 2022

GreNo West: Cases of stray cattle attacks on rise, residents demand action

GreNo West: On July 18, 2022, a 35 year old man was killed by a stray bull while he was returning home after doing his night duty in Greater Noida West. The incident has left the residents of Noida shocked, devastated and frightened.

Such incidents of stray cattle attacking commuters and residents are not uncommon in GreNo West. It has been a prevalent issue there. A lady was killed by cattle while she was going for grocery shopping on April 16, 2022. A boy was badly injured by a stray bull in Dankaur, on March 12, 2022. A boy’s scooty was smashed by a bull, resulting in the boy's instant death on February 22, 2022.

The residents of Noida and Greater Noida demand immediate action on this issue. There are many locations across Noida and Greater Noida West where stray cattle can be seen roaming around, sometimes in groups. Residents allege that it is common to see such cattle near vegetable markets because they get food to eat there.

Incidents of stray cattle attacking people are becoming a major problem for the residents of Gautam Buddha Nagar, especially in Greater Noida West's Sector 16B, near Ek Murti circle and Gaur City. They are mostly seen near the Supertech Ecovillage 1, Arihant Arden, Valencia Homes, Nirala Estate, Neo Town, La Residentia and many more locations. The oxen can be seen roaming and sitting in the middle of the roads at any time of the day. The sight of cattle roaming around on the roads is quite common in Greater Noida West. Most of these stray cattle come into the area from neighbouring villages such as Roza Jalapur, Ithiara, Roza, Yakubpur, Haibatpur, Chipiyana and others.

In Noida, they can be seen roaming in Sector 22, Sector 34, Sector 74, 75, 76 and the vegetable market of sector 77, Vishvakarma road, Hanuman Murti Road, North Eye Road, Sector 45/46/47, Haraula main market, Sector 104, Hajipur, Sector 12/22 etc are under the grip of the stray cattle menace.

Gurvinder Singh, a resident of Shatabdi Enclave, Noida says, “This is a very serious issue, a few days back I was travelling with family and suddenly one bull came in front of my car. We were fortunate that no one got injured but my car was damaged in this incident."

We contacted Noida Authority to know what they're doing to resolve the issue but no one was ready to comment on this situation officially. An official, on the condition of anonymity, says, "Sector 135 Goshala is overcrowded and very soon, Sector 14(1) Goshala will start. The problem will be resolved to some extent after that." He also informed that the authority is imposing fine on the villagers who abandon their cattle.

Amarjeet Singh, a resident of 6th Avenue says, “Due to these daily and weekly vegetable markets in Gaur City, the problem has increased. The recent case of a bull attack on women while purchasing vegetables has left us frightened."

Manish Kumar, Senior VP, NEFOWA says, “The free movement of cattle on the roads and the harm to life and property due to them is a very worrying and serious problem. Why isn't the authority taking them to any Gaushala?"

Rahul Garg, a resident of Hawelia Valencia Homes, Sector-1, Greater Noida West and Vice President of NEFOWA says, “The main reasons contributing to these issues are ignorance of the administration and people feeding leftover food to stray animals.”

Mritunjay Jha, a resident of Supertech Ecovillage 3 says, “There are more than 10-15 cows present at the gates of our society and several accidents have happened because of them. We request the authorities to do something about it.”

Azeem khan, a resident of Nirala Estate says, “I am surprised that how all this is happening even though there are gaushala here especially for these cattle.0 Why are the cattle roaming on the roads posing risk to commuters and themselves. We are equally worrying for the cattle as they also can get injured due to the rash driving or the uncovered drains.”

Sachin Gupta, a resident of Elegant Ville says, “There are a lot of stray cattle on this entire belt of GreNo West’s Techzone 4. Whose duty it is to take care of them, to feed them?. They cannot roam like this on road and bear the allegation that they are unsafe for people. They are mere innocent animal after all. not a criminal. They are hungry and they need shelter. Please make shelter houses for them and let them live there.”

On this we contacted Vaibhav Nagar, JE, Greater Noida Authority says, “We are keeping eye on stray cattle, there are approx 10,000 cattle that still need shelter and we are aware of this. Our workers also get injured while picking them. We are continuously working on establishing more cow shelters."

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He continues, "We'll take good care of these cattle there. Soon the problem will be eradicated. Anyone can contact on the given numbers if they spot any stray cattle- 7503607847, 9718542072"