Noida: Residents of Sector 51 riled with high TDS water supply
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Noida: Residents of Sector 51 riled with high TDS water supply

"A TDS range higher than 900 is considered unfit for drinking."

Noida: Residents of Sector 51 riled with high TDS water supply

Noida: The residents of Sector 51, Noida are complaining about getting a water supply with high TDS. They say that this is impacting their and their children's health. The RWA of Sector 51 also filed an RTI to get answers from the Noida Authority regarding the issue on June 7, 2022.

The residents are complaining about the water supplied to them being in the TDS range of more than 1500 for the past three months. They are also saying that due to high TDS, every home in the sector has to install a water purifier for getting clean and drinkable water which also causes wastage of water.

Sanjeev Kumar, Sector 51 RWA General Secretary, says, "Providing clean and drinkable water is the Authority's duty. In response to our RTI, we didn't get any clear explanation as to why we are getting such water supply."

Sanjeev Kumar
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He explains that according to the World Health Organization (WHO), a TDS of 300 is considered fit for drinking water and a TDS range higher than 900 is considered poor quality and is not fit for drinking.

He also further says that the underground water level of Noida is decreasing. "Around eight years ago, the groundwater level was approximately 50 feet, whereas now, it is at about 180 feet. There is no underground water recharge system in place. If such a situation continues Noida would eventually become a no-water zone. The authority must start thinking about it now."

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He further mentions that the ROs get damaged more often while purifying water with such high TDS. The residents say that high TDS level in water is unsafe for drinking and can also increase the risk of various illnesses, including nausea, lung irritation, rashes, and more. The residents demand a quick resolution to this issue.

Rajesh Kher, a resident of Sector-51 says, "The matter is not limited to high TDS water only. The water quality is very poor. We often get muddy water. High TDS water can be very dangerous for old age people suffering from high BP, and pregnant ladies." He also adds that they have to change the filters of their RO at least thrice a year.

CitySpidey also contacted AK Varun, Senior Manager, Jal & Sewer, Noida Authority to ask about the issue, He says, "We have asked the Gangajal department to add more Gangajal to the groundwater so that the water TDS can be lowered, Residents will notice a reduced TDS within a few days."