Supertech Twin Tower: 7 thousand people to be evacuated on August 21
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Supertech Twin Tower: 7 thousand people to be evacuated on August 21

2-3 pm has been declared as a 'no-fly zone'

Supertech Twin Tower: 7 thousand people to be evacuated on August 21

Noida: After a lot of delay and confusion, finally, the Twin Towers in Emerald Court society would be demolished on August 21, 2022. A press conference was organized by the RWA of Emerald Court sharing important details regarding the evacuation of residents.

As gathered, the blast would take place at 2.30 pm. Nearly 7 thousand people from 1396 flats of Supertech Emerald will be evacuated. Residents have been instructed to leave their premises at 8 am on August 21, 2022.

Supertech Emerald has 660 flats in 14 towers and 736 flats in ATS. All residents including pets would have to leave from here with their vehicles.
No residents would be allowed up to 100m of the site. 2-3 pm has been declared as a 'no-fly zone' that is no vehicles and movement would be allowed up to 10 km of the Twin Towers. All residents would be able to go to their homes after 2 hours of the blast.

On August 21, the power supply will be completely closed in both complexes from two to three in the afternoon. However, in any emergency, the diesel-powered fire hydrant pump can be opened.

Active preparation regarding demolition is being made by Edifice Engineering, the company heading the demolition and the police officials. Moreover, a meeting would be held next week with the RWA, Edifice Engineering and police at the Noida Authority office to make arrangements for the smooth evacuation of residents on August 21, 2022.

On one hand, only 24 days are left for the demolition of the twin towers which were illegally erected by Supertech builder. On the other hand, shocking revelations have been made in the structural audit of the Emerald Court, allege residents.

The residents of the Supertech Emerald court were continuously demanding a structural audit from the Noida Authority. The society has been recently been audited. During the audit, it has been found that the condition of the columns of a large number of buildings is very bad which can prove to be dangerous.

Udaybhan Teotia, RWA President of Supertech Emerald Court says, "The structural audit report has revealed shocking details. The condition of about 300 columns of towers is very poor. Of these, there are 40 columns which are in very critical condition and can prove to be fatal."

He adds, "We had been requesting for a structural audit for a very long time. Supertech was avoiding the issue despite orders from the Noida Authority. After lots of meetings in the last 3 days, Supertech has agreed to repair the critical columns. As of now, 40 columns would be repaired."