Express Zenith, working together for a better life
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Express Zenith, working together for a better life

One of the best things about the society is its high green quotient.

Express Zenith, working together for a better life

Express Zenith is a premium society in the heart of Noida. Located in Plot No, 2/A, Sector 77, the housing society has 5 towers with 19 floors, 724 units and occupancy is close to 600. It is one of the better-managed housing pockets of Noida, where the AOA has done some exemplary work in solving the problems of the residents and representing them.

A well-designed residential flat which is three sides open, offering excellent ventilation is the start of all the things that are good about society.

Also, there are two CCTV cameras installed on every floor, which is rare to see in any residential society.

One of the best things about society is its high green quotient. Rakesh Dubey, Vice President, EZ AOA says, " In our society, the greenery is in abundance. One can find a fresh breeze of air from any corner. EZAOA has planted more than350 plants within the EZ green belt as well within the last 15 months for the same."

Says Sudarshan S Rao, President, EZ AOA says, "The Noida Authority's green belt in front of our society is not well-maintained. So as an EZ AOA, we worked to maintain it. We brought our pipe to water the plants. We also planted the 350+ saplings in memory of the lost ones in covid times. Many NGOs helped us. The plants were drying up, so the EZ AOA requested the authority, but they did not turn up. They are not proactive that they work themself, we have to ask them every time. Due to their ignorance, many fruit-bearing trees were dried."

He adds further, "We would like to thank Nisha Rai, a social activist, who lives in Prateek Wisteria, she selflessly worked for the betterment of the green belt and continuously support us. Denso an automotive engineering company also volunteered in maintaining the green belt."

AOA has requested the Noida Authority to take care of the green belt opposite their society. Sumit Dubey, Executive Member, EZ AOA says, "We feel scared of grass getting bigger and the unwanted shrubs, as snakes can be seen there, can harm us. So we request Noida Authority to take optimum care."

There are several other aspects where the EZ society scores high.
Manoj Verma, General Secretary, EZ AOA says, "We are the elected AOA from 2021, we are continuing as our residents do not want a new AOA. We selected MyGate, to digitalise the society. We talk to the vendor and loved the features and this was the best decision, this enhanced our security digitally."

Nitin Sharma, Executive Member, EX AOA informs, "We take care of the residents well being and safety. For safety purposes, we keep the terrace doors locked, keys remain with the maintenance department. In need, the keys can be sought from the maintenance. In festivals like Karwachauth, AOA opens the terrace."

Santosh Kr. Singh, Executive Member, EZ AOA says, "Stray dogs matter is handled with care and we feel that everything is under the control till today. Few pet lovers are here also just like other societies, earlier they were feeding in open, seeing this, to stop the menace, we followed the guidelines as per the PETA rules. At regular intervals, we keep sending these guidelines to everyone. These guidelines have been affixed to the notice board as well."

Sumit Dubey, Executive Member, EZ AOA says, "Regular health checkups, and vaccinations are done on a priority basis. We EZ AOA donated wheelchairs free of cost. Those who campaign with us and volunteer for us, We appreciate those residents by giving the certificate".
Devendra Singh, Executive Member, EZ AOA says, " In the central park, we put the benches with the help of Express Builder and within EZ green belt with the help of Noida Authority for the elderly and females. Many residents take optimum utilisation of these benches."

Devendra Singh, Executive Member, EZ AOA informs, "The repairing and patchwork were pending and have not been repaired since 2016, the reason is that ex-AOA never pressurised the builder. But we as an AOA, got this work done amicably. The volleyball area and basketball area are under the discussion and will be repaired soon."

EZ AOA claims that the Builder did not put cameras in the lifts. Santosh Kr. Singh, Executive Member, EZ AOA says, "We were aware and never want any mishap to take place, so we installed the cameras in the lifts also and this was not possible without the support and help from our fellow residents. These CCTV cameras can be seen in 15 days and we can keep a record of any emergency like if someone is stuck in the lift, or the light goes out, we can see this and can rectify it. This is our society's achievement with the support from EZAOA for sure."

Today, many societies are having grudges against their builders and are dealing with the builder buyer issue, but according to residents of EZ, in this regard, things are quite amicable in the EZ. Sudarshan S. Rao, President, EZ AOA says, "The builder of our society is amicable, and he works on our problems. When we go to the builder for any issue, he hears us."

We asked about the revenue generation and how they collect the funds for the cultural events and more. On this Kirti Kumar Saxena, Executive Member, EZ AOA says, " We use the revenue which is generated by MyGate, in the cultural events of the society. We do not ask for money from our residents. Only in the scenario where my gate revenue falls short do we collect funds from residents."

Mukesh Bhatt, the Executive Member, says, "We as an AOA, remain standing in scorching heat, and got the tanks cleaned quarterly. There was an issue in the TDS level, we got the extra pipeline, with this, the TDS level came under control which was above the 2000 level". And will continue to discuss with the right authority as and when required.
CitySpidey enquired about the pink washroom set up, as nowadays many societies are setting up dedicated washrooms in their societies which have women-centric facilities such as feeding corner and diaper change corner among others.

The EZ AOA is sure about its fire safety equipment. The timely audit for Fire safety audits has been done and the report is ok. The water pressure was also ok. Sudarshan S. Rao, the President, informs, " We have got the 50% fees reduced of the parking. The fee was 590 plus tax, we got this 50% free."

We asked them about the clubhouse charges, as in many societies the tussle goes that the builder, as even after taking a huge amount for the club, the builder charges monthly fees.

On this, Sudarshan S. Rao, President, EZ AOA, says, "Our clubhouse is small, if it will be free, everyone will come and this will create mismanagement. The club membership is taken at the time of booking, but the usage charges are charged quarterly, half-yearly and yearly. This is done to control the footfall as simple as that."

We asked about the pending payments if any.  Pulkit Kansal,
Treasurer, EZ AOA informs, " The builder is proactive here, that he pays to authority in advance. The water and sewage bill is paid in advance. We have recently introduced the prepaid payment mode to digitalise our journey. Now no resident will need to walk into the maintenance office to get the power recharge or bill paid. They can sit in relax mode and can pay in advance for the electricity, for this they can use the Paytm recharge app. those who do not access Paytm, can use cheque or NEFT as well."

EZ AOA is an ISO-certified society, which also takes the health of the residents as a priority.
Devendra Singh, Executive Member, EZ AOA says, "During the Covid waves, the AOA was standing with the patients to help them. We provided oxygen cylinders and helped our residents in getting admitted to hospitals."

Sudarshan S. Rao, President says, "Our steam bath and sauna bath are a unique and special gift for our residents, which were closed since Covid times. Squash court is also there apart from many other activities. EZ AOA also started the book house for the residents. To make residents' swimming experience better, we have changed the water lights all around the swimming pool. The Air Conditioner was not giving proper cooling, so they have been replaced with the new ac sets within the hall area a few days back."

Express Zenith residents have some problems to contend with too. A tower is under construction and a few Flat registrations are still pending. Kirti Kumar Saxena, Executive Member, EZ AOA says, "There is no other gate in the society. There is only one gate for entry and exit. The planned 2nd gate is not yet to be constructed." Residents are waiting for the A tower completion after most of our problems will get resolved via builder, and then EZ AOA will take the complete handover.

Mukesh Bhatt, Executive Member, EZ AOA says, "We have two DG sets and one transformer is also there, but we will need to increase the capacity of both once we will have the full capacity if required."
We asked the EZ AOA members about their terms with the authorities. Sumit Dubey, Executive Member, EZAOA says, “We have asked the Noida Authority to maintain our green belt, make walkways and increase the lights. We want authority to support us."

Manoj Verma, General Secretary, EZ AOA says, "The police are supportive and give us the right guidance. In any case, they listen to us. We are members of Nofaa, Noida Federation of Apartment Owners Associations a body of AOAs in Gautam Buddha Nagar to take care of common issues and concerns of Apartment Residents. We have good terms with Nofaa, and Noida Authority. Our questions are being answered. Things are delayed no matter the work is done. Builder, Noida Authority and Nofaa, everyone is supportive and tried to resolve any issue."

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How do you keep communication effective and transparent with the residents?

Devendra Singh, Executive Member, EZ AOA says, " There is no fight among anyone, we celebrate every festival and we are all happy. We have appointed tower representatives in every tower. We do not believe in a committee system. Residents can directly discuss with us, or else they can discuss with the maintenance. AOA is proactive and we keep getting the General Board Meeting regularly.

Future planning of EZ AOA

Sudarshan S. Rao, President, EZ AOA says, "Builder is waiting for the NOC, due to some cases, only handover is pending and as we get it, many things will be done in speed, like construction of 2nd gate, construction of tower A and more. etc. Soon we will be putting the EV station and RFID-based boom barriers as well."