Egg recipes to help you lose weight
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Egg recipes to help you lose weight

While consuming eggs one has to keep the timings in mind.

Egg recipes to help you lose weight

The weight loss journey is not only about working out for hours in the gym. Experts explain that a healthy diet consisting of protein plays a  crucial role in the weight loss journey. Protein helps to boost the metabolism and reduce appetite which helps to regulate weight loss hormones. All you can do is add some protein-rich food to your diet and one of the easiest available sources is eggs. While consuming eggs one has to keep the timings in mind. Eating eggs during the daytime, especially at breakfast is very helpful. This will not only help you to maintain low calories intake but also keep you away from bingeing fatty food items. So here are a few recipes composed of eggs that can help you lose weight.

Boiled omelette: how can omelette help with weight loss? Because this does not require oil or butter. To prepare a boiled omelette you have to boil some water with some vinegar, and toss whisked eggs in it. The eggs will produce a layer and will float in water. Let the eggs cook for some more time and take it. Once it is prepared Sprinkle some salt on it, chilli powder, green chillies or any herb to make your dish healthier. To make the dish more weight loss-friendly you can also exclude the egg yolk from it.

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Scrambled Eggs: to make this dish healthy you can skip using oil or butter in it. Take a bowl and whisk two eggs with some milk in them.  Once they start forming foam. Now pour the mixture into boiling water mixed with vinegar. Remember to keep the amount of water in less quantity so that eggs can easily absorb it. Keep stirring and scramble the egg until they are cooked and have absorbed the water properly.  Now garnish the scrambled egg with some herbs, spices and seasoning.

Baked Eggs: baked eggs are considered the best breakfast as one can get other vitamins and minerals too. One has to pour the whisked egg into an oven-safe bowl. After that, you can add veggies and herbs of your choice like onions, tomatoes or any other according to your taste. Once all the veggies are laid in the mixture. Keep the bowl in the oven and bake it for 10 minutes.

Poached Eggs: poached eggs are lighter to digest and softer in texture as compared to boiled eggs. You have to crack the egg and carefully deliver its mixture in a bowl without breaking its yolk. Now add a tbsp of vinegar and salt to boiling water and deliver the whole eggs in the water. After a few minutes, the egg will poach and float.  You can easily lift them and consume them. 

Boiled Eggs: this is the most common breakfast. To avoid monotony,  you can easily prepare the boiled salad. You simply have to boil the eggs. Cut the boiled eggs into small pieces. Chop some veggies of your choice and mix them all. You can sprinkle some spices and lemon juice to enhance the taste.

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