Places to enjoy a solo date in Delhi
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Places to enjoy a solo date in Delhi

Book cafes are one of the best places to be with yourself

Places to enjoy a solo date in Delhi

Everyone deserves to take some time off and spend a day doing something for themselves because of the increasing stress of living in a big city. Do you struggle to find some peace and solitude? If the answer is yes, we have compiled a list of all the incredibly cool places in our own Delhi that will feel like a much-needed self-detour you needed.

Visit Champa Gali

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Located in South Delhi, this place has multiple options for exploring. It's a hangout spot tucked in the narrow lanes of Saket where you can go to spend some time with yourself. You can consider light shopping at these contemporary flea market stores or simply stopping by Jugmug Thela for a meal. Many activities are available here for you to enjoy, such as a frothy latte at Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters or perhaps some steaming Pho at Pho King. Go to Champa Gali to spend a quiet day by yourself.

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Head to book cafes

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Book cafes are one of the best places to be with yourself, your book and a hearty meal. Delhi is a city has everything for everyone. These book cafes are a hot trend, and we have fallen in love with their concept. Choose from any of the well-liked book cafes located across the city. We are confident you will find something that matches your style and budget, whether at Kunzum Travel Cafe, Cafe Turtle, The Brew Room, or Ivy Bean & Tea Leaf for the caffeine lovers in you.

Visit historic monuments

We recommend visiting one of the many historical gardens in Delhi. The Lodhi Gardens, the Mehrauli Archaeological Park, and even the Garden  of Five Senses are just a few of Delhi's historically significant locations. You could take a solitary date on an educational photo walk or curl up with your favourite book in a secluded corner in one of the tombs and enjoy the serene beauty of these monuments. You won't need to do anything more than take a stroll through these gardens to notice the abundance of birds, gorgeous buildings, and history they contain!

Explore old Delhi

Learn about Delhi's rich history and distinctive Indian tradition with a visit to Old Delhi. You'll get the chance to fill your stomach with delectable Indian street cuisine as you stroll through the bustling alleyways of the well-known Chandi Chowk bazaar. A rickshaw ride would be the best way for a lone traveller to enjoy themselves while in the old city. Purchase the tempting spices of your choosing from the spice bazaar. Be sure to stop by Jama Masjid, the largest mosque in the nation and a renowned World Heritage Site.

Get a ride on Yulu bikes

These pastel blue tiny bikes have become a joy ride for all the Delhi people; they are cheap and easy to access. Open their app, recharge  the amount and yes, you are ready to go. These bikes allow us to avoid traffic and reduce our contribution to air pollution. Therefore, even  if you are busy or have nothing scheduled for this weekend, we are confident you can fit in one hour of Yulu-ing. Your weekend planning  became easier, and a piece of advice as winter approaches. This is the right time to enjoy Delhi's weather with yulu bikes.