Make your look perfect with these tips!
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Make your look perfect with these tips!

To minimise the appearance of pores after cleansing, try rubbing an ice cube across your face.

Make your look perfect with these tips!

Everyone has experienced those mornings when they should have arrived at work five minutes earlier but forgot to set their alarm the night before or slept right through it.

Being pressed for time only makes it harder to gather yourself when you're already stressed out about missing important things. So, we have to find out exactly what you should do when you have five minutes or less to get ready but need to look professional. Not only is this possible, but  also simpler than you might imagine.

These tips help you look presentable:

Putting an ice cube on your face

To minimise the appearance of pores after cleansing, try rubbing an ice cube across your face. Simply rubbing the ice cube between your hands will begin the melting process. The soothing effect of the cold temperature will also help with inflammation.

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Exfoliate with  a ripe banana's peel

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Having a banana in between meals will help you feel full and will keep your blood sugar steady. Ripe bananas have enzymes on the inside of their peels that hydrate and plump the skin while also exfoliating. After rubbing the peel on your wrinkles for a minute, at which point it will have oxidized and turned brown, you can wash your face.

Make sure you have a rosewater spray

When your skin loses moisture, collagen deteriorates. Applying a light misting of rosewater, an anti-inflammatory ingredient that improves cellular function and reduces inflammation, can help loosen tight, dry skin.

Apply pressure to the nape of your neck

Stress-induced muscle tension in the neck restricts blood flow by compressing blood vessels. The tight muscles in your neck can be relaxed with a minute-long massage to the base of your skull. Better blood flow improves mental clarity and reduces stress almost immediately.

Highlight your eyes, cheeks, and lips

To look put together in a hurry when you don't have time for a full face of makeup, simply apply a coat of your favorite lipstick to your eyelids, cheeks, and lips.

Scrub with olive oil and ground coffee

In the morning, after you've brewed your coffee, take out the filter, add a few drops of olive oil, and then rub the mixture into your skin in the shower before turning on the water. Circular motions while applying this combination improve circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage.

Peppermint and eucalyptus oil

These aromas help relieve stress by opening nasal passages, increasing blood flow to the skin, and calming the mind.

Prepare a cup of tea

Rather than risking skin dehydration, choose a caffeine-free variety of your go-to flavor. Benefits for your skin's health? Hibiscus- and chamomile-containing drinks help clear your skin and flush toxins from your system, so look for those.