Saviour Park residents protest neglect of demands
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Saviour Park residents protest neglect of demands

Saviour Park Residents Protest Neglect of Demands

Saviour Park residents protest neglect of demands

Many residents, including senior citizens, from over 800 flats at Saviour Park in Ghaziabad protested against the apathy of builders and their staff on Sunday. The residents carried out peaceful demonstrations to draw the builders’ attention towards their long-standing demands. 

The residents have claimed that the builders and officials are rejecting their demands, causing them immense inconvenience. From paying extra for amenities that should have been included in their rent to unavailability of essential facilities such as proper plumbing or heating, the residents are facing several such issues. Many feel helpless as they try negotiating with developers and authorities but to no avail. Mostly, senior citizens and families with little resources are bearing hardships. 

Later, it was decided by the residents to approach every government agency - MP General VK Singh, MLA, DM, GDA, SSP and municipal authorities to arrange necessary inspections and remedial measures for the residents.

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Saviour Park Apartment Owners Association President Amit Chowdhary and Vice President Kanchan Arora thanked the participants for their time and participation. The biggest problems for residents are:

As per residents, the emergency power supply charges of DG along with the monthly fixed charges as well as the per unit charges are very high and should be reduced on an actual basis.

The residents also demanded that construction work in violation of the approved plan, outside traffic entering through main gates, security breaches and connection of electricity for the common area from the common metre should be stopped. Also, billing should be done on an actual basis through maintenance.

Furthermore, it was also highlighted during the protest that the entire society has been facing severe seepage for the past many years, resulting in weakened structures. An inspection of the structure by a local firm revealed that several pillars are badly damaged. The residents believe the builder is trying to cover up the matter by making minor repairs. “We urge the authorities to direct the builder to get the structural check done by one of the IITs or regional engineering institutes,” said a resident from the society.