Exam zen: Yoga asanas for better concentration
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Exam zen: Yoga asanas for better concentration

Savasana can help you lose weight by unwinding your body and mind

Exam zen: Yoga asanas for better concentration

The pressure for exams starts building up among students, parents and educators from February till March end. However, sometimes it adversely affects the physical and emotional well-being of a student. Excessive studying, irregular sleep and exam anxiety are some of the common causes of exam stress.  A few changes in lifestyle and embracing Yoga can ensure relief from exam stress that will further propel you to excel. 

Let’s check out some yoga asanas for healthy memory and focus 


Savasana is one of the simplest yet most efficient yoga poses for releasing tension, stress, and exhaustion. The corpse posture, also known as Savasana, helps to promote mental health by calming the mind and improving sleep quality and focus. Furthermore helpful for those with neurological issues, diabetes, asthma, constipation, and indigestion. Savasana can also help you lose weight by unwinding your body and mind.


This asana helps to relieve stress and moderate sadness by stretching the spine and calming the brain. Paschimottanasana energises your body while calming down negative emotions like irritation and rage. The abdominal and pelvic organs can be massaged and toned in this yoga stance.

Bhramari Breathing

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Your memory and concentration will thank Bhramari pranayama for positive results. It enables you to experience immediate relief from agitation, rage, frustration, and anxiety. Moreover, bee breathing promotes self-assurance and lowers blood pressure.


Your nervous system is stimulated by ustrasana, which also helps with breathing and digestion. Bolstering and stretching your back and shoulders, also enhances posture. This yoga position stimulates the endocrine system and helps the body burn fat.

Bandhasana Setu

The brain and nervous system can be calmed through bridge posture, which will lessen the signs of tension, anxiety, and depression. It strengthens and stretches the neck and spine while enhancing blood flow to the brain.